My Best Fights in Splinterlands (Dec 14-20)

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I played some great battles in Splinterlands, I won some of them and lost others, but they're good either way! I play mostly with Rented Cards. You can check my post about that here.

This is the my post series: #bestsptbattles! Which I'm filling with links to some battles I really liked, regardless if I won or lost in them. All of them were interesting one way or another!

The Season ended in the middle of this week, so I'll hopefully write another post about my Season Rewards.

Here We Go:


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[99 Mana] [Rise o the Commons]
The fight started in my favor, but as soon as my Tank died before ensuring the opponent Tank's demise I began to lose. Well, it was a good game!
[12 Mana] [Aim True] [Broken Arrows]
I was lucky I put Cerberus who has the ability to self heal as my Tank. Opponent had a very good setup for 12 Mana and I congrats them for that. If I put another monster as my Tank I would've lost.
[29 Mana] [Unprotected] [Broken Arrows]
The opponent missed so much I felt sorry for them (My monster had the flight ability so (s)he had a higher avoid chance.) Other than that it was a close fight and I couldn't predict who would win.
[14 Mana] [Fog of War] [Healed Out]
This was a close battle! Both my monster and the opponent had 2 speed. If they attacked first I don't know if I would've won. But hey, luck is a skill too!
[99 Mana] [Target Practice] [Melee Mayhem]
I managed to win this fight without losing any monster. Living Lava + Molten Ogre combo is very effective for Melee Mayhem battles. As long opponent didn't put Magic Attackers.
[20 Mana] [Silenced Summons] [Keep Your Distance]
I was very, very lucky to choose to put Furious Chicken between my Tank and my other monsters. Other than that the fight was evenly matched.
[15 Mana] [Target Practice]
One again I witnessed the power of Ruler of the Seas when adding a snipe ability. He destroyed three of my monsters with one hit!
[27 Mana] [Target Practice] [Rise of the Commons]
I was never so happy that I leveled my Sea Genie. It took out the opponent Sea Genie which was their strongest attacker!
[35 Mana] [Weak Magic] [Healed Out]
This fight ended in my favour. The opponent didn't have much of a chance since my Magic Attacker were faster than the majority of their monsters.
[17 Mana] [Reverse Speed]
I made full use of the Thorns ability. The opponent Tank Healer didn't do a lot of effects this time. Also, I didn't notice how Reverse Speed could change the outcome this much.
[23 Mana] [Keep Your Distance]
The opponent had a good combo Mushroom Seer for decreasing my Magic Attacks & Lord Arianthos for gaurding against it. This left me unable to damage them for a while. Luckily I had a good combo with Reflect, Heal and Sneak.
[99 Mana] [Taking Sides]
This battle was determined by Speed. Luckily I beat the opponent's Sea Genie before he even attacked (which could result in defeating my Tank) and their Coral Wraith before it could defeat my Ruler of the Seas.
[26 Mana] [Unprotected]
This battle was so close, as I watched it going on I alternated between thinking I'll win or lose. Opponent had a strong build that destroyed my strategy (read: Tank.) But I managed to win in the end.

So, What do you think?

After saying I'll do these two/three times a week. I spent a whole week without posting anything. I didn't record battles from every day of the past week but I managed to have links for some really good ones.

I kept the format from of previous post. It's still hard to maintain. Making a screenshot and summary every interesting fight demands a lot of time, hence why I didn't post this sooner. Hope to stay consistent for my next posts.


Nice list of battles. I would find it helpful if you use headlines for each for a better overview. Keep it up!


Nice battles!! An upvote from steem Monsters is on the way!

Thanks for reading & curating!