My Best Fights in Splinterlands (Dec 11-13)

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I played some great battles in Splinterlands, I won some of them and lost others, but they're good either way! I play mostly with Rented Cards. You can check my post about that here.

I'm writing this post series: #bestsptbattles which I'll fill with links to some battles I really liked, regardless if I won or lost in them. All of them were interesting one way or another!

Here We Go:

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[17 Mana] [Super Sneak]
In Super Sneak Setting, Exploding Dwarf is best when in the middle. Since I had only 17 mana, I had to improvise.
[26 Mana] [Reverse Speed]
When I use a strategy based on Flesh Golem as the tank. I get worried when the enemy manages to destroy it. Glad my Ranged monsters played a big role after his death.
[26 Mana] [Back to Basics]
I was confident with my monsters, but I was floored real hard in this fight! Life splinter is good at Back to Basics.
[29 Mana] [Melee Mayhem]
I said in previous battle above, that Exploding Dwarf should be in the middle. Didn't realize that it's unprotected against "Opportunity" monsters!
[15 Mana] [Melee Mayhem]
I found it very interesting that with only two monsters, I beat five opponent monsters. Even though Flesh Golem was weakened.
[99 Mana] [Rise of the Commons]
I never thought of putting a Magic Reflector at the rear of my team. Luckily only Goblin Scorcerer had the sneak ability. Glad I won this!
[24 Mana] [Armored Up]
My Earth Strategy with Flesh Golem and Wood Nymph as primary cards worked. But only because my opponent hits on my tank is 7 points or less.
[18 Mana] [Silenced Summoners]
This fight was a test of endurance, the enemy had a Stun, Thorns and Tank Heal. Luckily my Goblin Sorcerer attacked his ranged monster and healer while my Tank stood in the way of their attackers.
[19 Mana] [Keep Your Distance]
This fight was a very close one! Another hit and we would've ended up with a Draw or my loss. Glad Peaceful Giant finally found it's use.
[99 Mana] [Silenced Summoners] [Melee Mayhem]
I went into this fight very confident with my 41 Mana team. I lost. It was eye opening seeing my team beaten like that.
[15 Mana] [Broken Arrows]
My Flesh Golem and his healer Wood Nymph prevailed against the all powerful Goblin Mech and the sneak attacker Kobold Miner. It was interesting to follow this fight along.

So, What do you think?

So I'm putting one of these up two/three times a week, I changed the format from the previous one but this new format is harder to maintain. Making a screenshot and summary every interesting fight demands a lot of time, so I don't know if I'll stick to this format.