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Today I want to talk about what is for me the most overlooked use case of the Steem Proposal System : sending Steemians to blockchain conferences over the world.

Great things to come

I believe it is safe to say that most of Steemians that followed the SteemFest talks, whether by flying to Bangkok or watching it online, felt a boost of optimism regarding our blockchain.
As I've discussed in a previous post, the work of Steemit Inc., the progress of Steem dApps team and the passion of the community as a whole shows how much potential our blockchain has.
Communities and SMT will bring long awaited changes to the Steem blockchain and increase the number of use cases.
Feeling bullish yet? Great, how about making non Steemians feel bullish as well? We have a great technology, but if we want the price to follow, people need to know about it!


For now, the SPS is mostly used for development and that's great but I think it should also be used to get the word out.

Why not let Steemit Inc. take care of this ?

Blockchain conferences are all over the world while Steemit Inc. is US based. Lots of big conferences take place in Asia and Europe and flying from the States to there would be costly and inefficient.

Steem Community to the rescue

To represent Steem to major conferences, we need Steemians who :

  • deeply care about Steem ecosystem
  • are highly knowledgeable about our blockchain and its developments
  • are comfortable giving public talks and have a track record of public appearances

I believe we have community members matching these characteristics on each continent, and that by leveraging efficiently the SPS, we could be sending one of them to each major blockchain event.

SPS could help cover the cost associated :

  • Flight ticket
  • Hotel
  • Conference ticket
  • Goodies, banners, etc. (depending on the conference)
  • Per diem
  • Working hours


To make this possible, we need a way to expedite the process and I would like to open the discussion about this here.
First, this kind of SPS should be "all or nothing", since we can't send Steemians to represent the blockchain with insufficient funding. I see 2 ways to do this:

Short-time SPS

Users should make a short-time SPS with a high daily pay and convince enough stakeholders to vote for their proposal to fund their expenses to represent the chain.
With the current limit, I think it would be extremely hard to achieve but that's still a possibility.

Creating a fund

We could create a fund controlled by the major stakeholders via multisig and constantly taking part of the SPS to fund future participations to conferences.
The multisig will make sure these funds are not used for anything else than the expected scope. Since the funds will be secured beforehand, stakeholders will be able to distribute them in a timely manner, after reviewing a request.

I am hoping to see some discussions in the comments about the best way to achieve this.


We will need to find people that are good pitching Steem! For this purpose, I will start in a few days an elevator pitch contest. Elevator pitch is always a very difficult and interesting exercise, since you're limited to 1 minute to present an idea. This is especially true in the case of Steem and I can't wait to see how it goes.
I will personally put 100 SBD as a price and am hoping to see some other stakeholders participate.
I will announce it in more details later this week.

Founder of SteemPlus
Developer of Steem Keychain

Vote for witness


I'm not sure that is the best use of community funds. It might be inspirational to those getting to go that could not otherwise, but it just doesn't bring new people in. I think it is better to reserve the limited funds for activities that grow the network size. Just one view...

I'm not seeing how this doesn't bring people in? People attending blockchain conferences seem like a receptive audience to me, potentially as end users, as investors, and as developers. Most don't know about or barely know about Steem (and much of what they think they know is probably inaccurate).

IMO this has potential to grow the network, but as with anything else I would also want to see actual results in the form of tracking metrics, etc.

To both: You may see also as an human action to own members? don't you think?
How people see it, in front of all, to feel that community really care and appreciate first onw members. **We would don't run stepping or threading onto others. **
What better solution we have than freedom? Why don't fund them and then let them, in continuation to choose?
Then, members which really need them, take them or not, or refuse them to others good things.
I think the entire system must rethink. But in more human way and freedom way.
See you all soon. Yours spiritliberation.

This idea is great man!

At Steem Fest, a few top witnesses and stakeholders put in some money to pay for the ticket for someone going to the cointelegraph conference in Singapore, thinking about this very same idea you state here but with a different approach.

We are waiting for the proof of attendance and #posh (proof of shill) post from the attendee to make a post and proposal about this, being a proposal coming from the witnesses and stakeholders and not a single entity, so it becomes a group effort, I'll send you a dm, perhaps you want to join the initiative.

The people who are part of this are gtg, theycallmedan, starkerz, blocktrades, crimsonclad (followbtcnews witness), aggroed, howo, anyx and me (OCD-witness), and hopefully, you! Let's make Steem great again together! 💪

Sure, I ll be happy to join!
However in the future, I think it would be better to have the funds beforehand so we don't request the Steemians to pay everything from their own pocket first.

I will help chip in for the fund. Good idea.

Awesome, thanks for your help!

Great idea. I was really hoping to see some initiatives get started to represent Steem at conferences. Thanks for getting this going!

Yea, SF4 really made me realize that if people knew what's going on in here, we could get them excited about Steem again =)

steemit all over

Communities and SMT will bring long awaited changes to the Steem blockchain and increase the number of use cases. Feeling bullish yet?

Steem Engine was the community response to the extremely out of schedule development of SMT by Steemit. Somehow Steem Engine tokens behave like SMT will. Do Steem price got any impulse by it? I think it didn't.

Neither Communities nor SMTs will increase price. The only way a bullish movement appears if a massive -MASSIVE- marketing campaign is started by Steemit and followed also by some other Steem based dApp, excluding those which run in other blockchains or are no Steem exclusives.

But I am also thinking Communities and SMTs will certainly make new dApps possible. Steem Engine doesn't, as it is just a quantum aberration which is not a blockchain neither a platform for developers.

Communities and SMTs will bring a whole new potential to our blockchain.
But to drive the price up, non Steemians need to know about it and be convinced STEEM is a crypto worth investing in, hence this post.

I think I may really know what's the problem and I have an another formula most complex, which I think about as at a more time ago, years and yeas. And enclosed in my project. But it well be free. Until there I'm still not so sure of it's completeness.
See you soon.

i'm all in for this .. already have been attending and speaking at many blockchain events in regards to steem in Malaysia. let me know how i can help. Here was two of the events which i spoke at....



We need more coordinated marketing efforts, great idea!

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I think this idea helpful for me.

very good explanation more for those of us who are starting in this new and complex world such as cryptocurrencies and their respective branches, thanks for the info

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