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RE: SPS and blockchain events

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I don't think it makes any sense to do this at present but should Steem climb coin market cap to 65 or less it would make a lot of sense


What is the rationale behind 65?
I think the more we drive awareness of the awesome changes to come, the more we can potentially go up.

It seems to me like partial funding for delegates is in order at this point and that Steem at a higher price could fund full coverage of some representative at these conferences. The product we have to offer isn’t there yet and I agree with Steemit Inc that the time isn’t ripe for an aggressive campaign. Right now, I could see devs who can leverage the potential of SMTs get the SPS grants more than any marketing move which is in and of itself hard to do in a decentralized environment.

Hard to do because we don't all agree on what Steem is or should become and because we need a larger community if that's going to be our selling point.

Fight for your rights to be you, not anyone else. Humanity it's most important our asset and no one can't take it from us without any permission.
In order to restore this, the system should show this as embedded attribute of any account and near it: how much SP are already delegated, as corrupted humans by others and not so individual as the seems.

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