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Almost got me ..... I ALMOST threw out some gold (good advise) but then I remembered how much I disliked Steemit Inc. for delegating to Steem Cleaners and all the abuse that has happened from them over the years... AND how tone deaf they have been.

I will say there is a better way.


This has nothing to do with Steemit Inc. but rather with the Steem community as a whole and our will to to drive STEEM price up.
But since you mention it, I would have agreed with you regarding Steemit Inc last year. But since the change of management they are listening to the community and doing a great job.

Ok ..... so if new steem is better than old steem, why is it easier to flag people now than it was then?

Last time I check the largest, best dapp on the steem block chain (Splinterlands) STILL has no delegation from Steemit Inc.!

Tell me again about being a team player plz ....

  1. Flag is an important feature of Steem and we would fail without it, look at what happened to Whaleshares. Whether it s working as intended or not is arguable but it's completely off topic here.
  2. AFAIK they have filled a delegation request through @delegationtrust, and I m pretty sure they ll get it. Once again, completely off topic on a talk about community, SPS and conferences.

You don't think flags and community are the same topic?

I don't know if I really understood that delegation but it's like I am a person and someone raises me up somehow that as I delegate my soul. Let's all let be driven by bots and they to judge us!! This seems not normal. It's somehow like my account, my personality are driven by someone else (bot or human) and those delegated votes, from where do we know that they really represent me? or it is not even my opinion? or exactly opposite!
It's like somehow my account, except my posts, but rest of it isn't me. We aren't us. Wtf? :(
The formula it is more complex and not so. We delegate ourselves to bots for what? for money? for they raise us up? they do this in our person or in an false system which no one it's really him? :(

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