Sprout: From Seed to Song - A Dsound Community Initiative with @playitforward Week XII Winners Inside!

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Sprout: From Seed to Song

Inspiration often comes from many places. This new approach gives you a seed of inspiration, and as a participant, you create a piece of music from that!

Week XII Winners

First @sharliep

Second @alfredmusic

Third @dael28

Runner-Up @to-the-sun and @guifaquetti

This weeks seed is:

Photo from a guitar luthier by @playitforward




We will have to do half of the following rewards for this coming week due to Steem and SBD prices being low.


Steemians, I look forward to your participation. Please remember to support the artists who create something for the contest.


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Gracias! @sharliep por invitarme a participar :D

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