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RE: Donna d'amare: A Spread-the-Love Contest entry


I know this woman, I just haven't met her...yet.

It's so refreshing to be swimming in a sea of Love, to be embraced by her (or him). Love is both the Feminine and the Masculine; when the two collide, in whichever gender form is of greatest attraction, I believe it is magic to witness, and a good goal to emulate.

Your post is soothing and hopeful, motivating. I will be in the warmth of Love, the loving arms of another, someday soon. And I will be ready to give as I receive, to energize and grow.

I do look forward to this spiritual/human experience!

Peace and smiles


I LOVE your comment to @ravijojla @jimmyoblog! NOW, quickly get that rep to 40 and participate in the contest. Would love to see who you bring here! Ah, and after I wrote this I noticed that you are 'new' too :) But you've already told us a story. Well done! I wish some of the contestants would have 'swooped you up' but nevertheless, you have my follow.

Aaaaaaaand, I just helped you a you can still participate, as your rep is now more than 40...

So glad that you feel like that, @jimmyoblog!
This is a great gift and the ability to share love is a talent. People who know how to devote themselves are a treasure to be cared carefully with love.

Sending best wishes :-)

Received and reciprocated. :-)

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