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We've browsed Spotify and came to the conclusion that there isn't a Steemit Musicians Spotify playlist yet. Because we think that's a shame, we've created this new playlist. So for your listening pleasure, we want to curate one :-D

Link to playlist:

How to get your track(s) on this playlist?

  • Comment below with a link to the track you want added.
  • Follow the playlist (and stream regularly :) )
  • Resteem this post.
  • We'll add the track to the playlist.

It's as simple as that! :-)

We'll create a new post every Sunday to give you an update and to be able to get new submissions. Oh, resteem this post and follow this account to stay up-to-date about playlists, reviews, industry tips and much more.

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What a great initiative!! I love it, and it makes so much sense to do something of this nature!! Followed the playlist and will be streaming!!

Here is my submission:

Thanks @jessamynorchard! Added to the playlist :-) We're all pioneers and early adopters of this awesome platform. Check our #BandsAboutBands contest as well if you want to engage even more!

@ftlob Thank you! I also added the playlist to my Spotify Artist page as my “Artist’s Pick” for the next two weeks, as well!!

That's so awesome! Great idea, I'll add that as a suggestion to the next update on Sunday :)

One of my favorite tracks!

Fantastic initiative.

check out the steemit artists music compilation, I have put 4 volumes multi genre together so far, some pretty good stuff. hit my page up if your interested look for official post. huge love here is my track contribution to this...

Hi @soundlegion thanks a lot for your submitting your awesome track. Like the soulful vocals a lot! :) Added to the playlist. Well done on the music compilation on your page as well. It's awesome to see all this engagement and new initiatives!

Have you seen the #BandsAboutBands initiative @misterro is hosting? If not, check it out here: and maybe even enter?

Hey, thanks for this initiative, followed the playlist.
Submitting my track "Wavelings"

Awesome! Added to the playlist :)

Great idea, thanks for taking the initiative. Following it now and will stream it. Here's our submission

Added :)

Remember to add the playlist to too. I know most people are streaming Musicoin on there at the moment but it's worth adding it as some people still us it.

No @juxtamusic track?

Here is my submission. "Rise Up" with @GrandSpace.

Add dsound & Musicoin tracks and get more plays!

Follow @JuxtaMusic for More Of My Music

Added to the playlist!

I tried to figure out atom... I'm lost lol.

Added to the playlist @jonmagnusson

Awesome, added to the playlist @theturtleproject!

This is a great idea! Can you add this one?

Of course we can! Added to the playlist @drewsmusic

Thanks for this. Following and streaming the playlist now. Here's my submission:

Thanks @ralfdee! Added to the playlist. As this playlist will evolve even more in the future, remember to keep streaming :)

Many thanks!

This is an awesome idea! I curate a few playlists on Spotify myself ( and this has crossed my mind but I haven't found the time. So I'm glad someone else is doing it now! I've got plenty of tracks to choose I'll just pick a random one:

Thanks @mindseye-music! Your track has been added to the playlist :-)

Awesome, thanks!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This is a great support. Congrats!


Thanks for resteeming @stimu!

A great idea! Thanks for inviting me to share my music here :)

Here's my track - Down By The Water

Thanks @petrajordan! Added to the playlist :-D

Wonderful, thanks!!!

Yo this sounds great. Glad someone's taken the initiative to do this.. Will you eventually try to make the playlists based off genre or style? That could be interesting to do but it would probably depend on how many submissions you have and if it's possible. Anyway, my name's Nate Lost and my first album Love 'n' Travel is up on the ol' Spotify. Here's a link to one of my favorite tracks from the album.. #NowPlaying

Hey @natelost nice to meet you! Indeed, let's see how all this evolves in the future. I think it's best to start with an all-genre Steemit Musicians playlist. Like your track a lot! I've also added the track to our Lazy Sunday Playlist :-)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great idea! My single is a Russian Salsa (Yes, strange but it is)

Thanks for this support!

Cool @ylich! Added to the playlist :)

Hey guys, fab Idea!! I would love a track added. Probably Angel.

Of course I'd like to add you. Please add a link to the track on Spotify as that would make our work so much easier :)

Oh Right, It has to be a track already on spotify, I didn't realise.

Great idea, love it. I have resteemed your post, here is our track that we would love to have included in your playlist .....

Added to the playlist @sheepinwolves!

Excellent initiative! I don’t have anything to contribute, but I love the idea of a playlist that we can listen to on the go! I miss a lot of great stuff on Steemit because I’m not always in the right environment or don’t have the service to be able to load and watch videos. Thanks for this!

Great, glad you like this initiative. Who knows where this playlist will be in, let's say, 2 months :-) Also, if you like to support other Steemian artists, check out the #BandsAboutBands contest we're running as well. Find the link here:

Done and done! Thanks for the info!

Cool idea! =) Thanks for that! Here is my submission:

Awesome @ravenmus1c! Of course added to the playlist

Thanks great idea hope gets great amount of plays here is my choice:
Thanks for the initiative kudos

Added to the playlist. Thanks for sending over your kudos ;)

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Here is my current track on Spotify, I have another single going live tomorrow sometime. I will for sure restreem this post later today, considering I just finished posting. Maying commenting now so I can refer back to this later

You're on the playlist :-D

Thanks :D