Pats to advance to Brady's 8th super bowl with over Jaguars

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Heyhey @sportsteem crew! I've been traveling and enjoying the playoffs but have to pick the Patriots to win at home tomorrow, despite the questions around Patriots QB Tom Brady's finger/hand/thumb. The Jaguars are a great team, but I think Belichick and McDaniels will have seen enough from Pittsburgh putting up 42 points on Jax to score enough points to keep the Pats playing ahead all game. Even if Brady isnt throwing his best, his mind is still at full capacity. We may not see a diving throw across the middle to Amendola like last week (works against Titans; that'd be a pick 6 against these Jags) but with the Pats able to run many good RBs they'll be able to exploit the Jags Defense's biggest weak point.

I like Bortles probably more than most - he's been given a terrible hand (except for this year) and he will have to play his best since I imagine the Pats will take away Fournette's run game as much as they can.

Im not even sure what the spread is anymore, but I'm picking the New England Patriots on the moneyline against Jacksonville Jaguars in tomorrow's AFCCG.


I'm probably going to pick Patriots too. The Patriots' spread is currently -7.5 and ML is around 1.30.

Man, I have really struggled with this weekend's games. The hand injury is of concern, obviously, but Jacksonville, as the big underdog in the playoffs, is playing way over their heads. And I don't like facing off against that type of crazy, delirious team...

The Eagles - Vikings match-up is interesting, too. Folks has held the Eagles together since Wentz exited, and they possess powerful weapons at home. The Vikings are a solid team, if not dynamic, and so these two are more evenly matched than I would like.

I have yet to put any bets together and the clocks is ticking before I need to head off to work. What to do, what to do...

Good luck with your bets, friend!

Where ya been, man? I miss you posting...

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