Why I 10+++k SPORTS staked Today

in #sportstalk3 years ago


I am a football fan, with Sportstalksocial.com I have a place to write about the latest football information.

so today I have made the first step I staged 10000 SPORTS in the nurezacoins account. I'm really excited now

this is the first step, I hope to improve the SPORTS that I have in the future. Because of that I really appreciate community member at Sportstalksocial.com

believe me SPORTS will spread quickly, because everyone likes sports, do you agree? let's join the party and enjoy it


Nice, well done, I've got close to 30k now, looking to hit that 50k soon. Really having fun on sports talk, I hope they launch on steempeak soon

Oooh cool brother.. I know that if you're a sports fan, then I'll visit your blog at least 1 times a day using @nurezacoins

Let's grow up together @chekohler

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What can I do with the token?

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It's easy, we just need to buy sports tokens at market steem-engine then staked..

You can vote on a blog that USES the sportstalk tag.. And for the qurator was 45% and for the author was 55%.

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Ok. I Will collect battle for now

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Cool @minimining.. lets grow together.. Just for example if you want 10000 SPORTS token now only 75 steem on the steem-engine market, and I'm sure you can do that. Because we are TeamPossible 😉

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Yes, I see that. SportsTalkSocial is all about sports. More and more people are joining this platform every single day. It is growing faster. Honestly speaking, we need a platform like that. Now we have it. It is like dreams come true.

I'm passionate about martial arts. I talk about different things about martial arts and how it relates to your life especially when comes to self defense.

Welcome to SportsTalkSocial, @nurezacoins!
See you around!

Awesome @rezoanulvibes same with you. I totally agree this platform its very cool.. see you!! I'll visit your blog using the @nurezacoins account when votingpower becomes 100%

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Wow 10k, that's huge

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Come on.. join on this party brother..

Buy and staked sports token.

Oops you have 8000 sports staked, cool @minhaz007

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No dude, I don't have that much sports tokens.
I have about 900 only

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No problem Brother.. but im sure you can buy more SPORTS token on the steem-engine market.. if you want..

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OK, Lets gogogoogo growth together.
I am set auto upvote to you already.

Woow awesome @honoru.sports , thank you 😊

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