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Losing so many top quality players like Gary Cahill, Eden Hazard and David Luiz and hardly replacing any of this due to the ban that was instilled on them wouldn't come without its repercussions. I am certainly bedevilled by Frank Lampard's policy because I think he is a new manager and he needs all the experience on his hands and letting go on your top quality players isn't a way to begin. We would agree that definitely players shouldn't be assured a starting position in a team especially when it comes to a new manager who needs to see the hard work of players before obviously bestowing on them starting positions, but to do this when you are suffering from a ban without the opportunity to sign, is definitely recklessness from Frank Lampard. In a nutshell I see so many inexperienced players though possessing quality. Without somebody who would be a true leader on the pitch. Gary Cahill could've Still stayed at the club, but letting him go in a transfer window where you sell Luiz, is is a total no brainer.

Experience is definitely invaluable when it comes to the EPL, however we have to consider the certainty of Chelsea bringing the odds to the table, because in most seasons that they have been underestimated they have gone on to actually do big things so what are the odds man that they might bring something new to the table? In my opinion I think Chelsea will score a lot of goals however if this goals with secured them a top-four position or one of the domestic titles I am not sure yet no kidding their defence line is in shambles and this is what Frank Lampard hasn't fixed yet, being a young manager I keep asking myself this question will he be able to relay discipline among the players? was this the main reason why David Luiz was sold?. If you ask me discipline is what wins the EPL trophy and even when I can't see this in Manchester United or Arsenal I can certainly see it in Manchester City and Tottenham, however to place certainty on the eventuality of Chelsea's season turnout is definitely hazy, the team looks spirited ready to go but I do believe simple mistakes will be their undoing.

That said any football manager would have noticed this and fixed it before the start of the campaign, Kurt Zouma for me, isn't a brilliant Defender, all brawn and no guile, Christensen is too fragile, leaving only the half fit Rudiger as the only capable defender in that defence line, why sell so much when you know you can't buy?. I'm of the opinion that defence is what keeps you going on a stretch and for how many goals you might score your fans might never forgive you for how many stupid ones you concede. I definitely think Lampard is better than this simple errors, he should already know the EPL can be the most difficult League in the world and you can't afford to start on the wrong foot, because every clearance, every missed opportunity, every goal and every point taken or lost could play a part in where you end up. That said, uncertainty dependent on how the other teams turns out, this could also play a major role.

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