[Sports Talk Social] Stake Delegation has been enabled, And all my sports token (190k) delegate to @honoru.sports.

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Yesterday, @sportstalksocial announce that stake delegation has been enabled for the SPORTS token. Because of Sports Token and some SCOT token under my main account. So my main account Voting Power always Low level. So I create an account @honoru.sports focus on Sports Talk Social Platform. And all my sports token (190k) delegate to @honoru.sports.



On the other hand, I also setup auto upvote for some Chinese steemians who join Sports Platform. And support @rokyupjung 's Universal Curation Plan. I am set 15% auto upvote back for @rokyupjung.

I join @steem.girl 's activity "Guess Who Is In This Photo" Contest (Sport's Figure) everyday. So I also set auto upvote for this post.


昨天,官方公告了 Sports Token 的代理功能,一開始不知道 Sports Token 要鎖著九個月。當鎖倉後才發覺要九個月解鎖,這讓我的主戶口 Voting Power 下降得很快。因為除了平時的 Steem Post 自動點贊外,也有 SCT 及 ZZAN 的帖要點贊。而Sports 帖又與其他的帖不同,引致 Voting Power 這幾天一度到達低位。

昨天公告代理方案後,開了一個小號 @honoru.sports ,昨晚將手上所有的 Sports 全數代理至這一個小號,總數 19萬 Sports Token. 以現價 Sports 0.0047 Steem 的價值,這19萬的 Sports 幣約值 900 Steem 左右。 開一個小號儲存及擼幣,好等主號繼續測試不同的貨幣及吃喝玩樂。

現時小號設了一些自動點贊給華人社區有參與Sports 平台的人,另外,也支持兩個項目:

  1. @rokyupjung 發起的點贊計劃,為感謝他自動點贊我,我也設定了 15% 自動點贊他
  2. @steem.girl 的每天競猜活動相當吸引,所以也設了自動點贊給他.

好了,終於可以專心挖 Sports Token了!

想加入Sports Token 的人,可以在帖內加上 #sportstalk 標籤,另外亦可在下面留言,會給大家 10%點贊。


I love that new feature of delegation enabled



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This is a good step of the @sportstalksocial to be a better sport platform on Steem Blockchain. Last night I placed 61K Sports and now I staked them. Nice to meet you here @honoru. Regards

Nice to meet you.
I also wants to stake more sports token.
Lets growth together.

I am set an auto upovte to you, which worth about 4000+ sports token.

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This initiative is a welcomed idea and it will help motivate people to tag and use more of the sportstalk tag..

I will also love to be placed under your auto up-vote too. Thanks

Smart move on the ALT account. I did pretty much the same.

Thank you.
Are you write post under this account in the future?
if yes. i can set steemauto to upvote you.

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My Alt accounts ( .sports, also .leo .pal .gg .mot etc) will be mainly used for voting, and posts and comments will be mostly done from main acct @onealfa. Because for voting not much RC is wasted, for commenting - RC requirements are so much higher.

Gr8 offer on "auto", I will do the same in return.

I use steemrewarding.com which I found as one extremely powerful, flexible and useful tool.

I am set a 15% upvote for onealfa.sports about 3000 sports.

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I am also use steemrewarding.com , it is better than steemauto.

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開始要過前期紅利期了,現時 Sports 的 Stake 越來越多,故產幣越來越難.



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我不是每一種幣都獨立,而是有一些SCOT平台幣的主題比較少眾,但又不想浪費了那一種幣的每天20%voting power 回復期。所以才獨立出來。


  1. SCT 及 zzan
  2. pal 及 steemleo

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Awesome way to go spreading your support around👍

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Sports Talk Social Platform setting is encourage steemian to upvote others, Which can earn curation reward so much ^_^

i wants to set an auto upvote for you. (about 4000+ sports token)
Let's growth together.

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That will be be awesome 👍

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I always posted about sports in steemit. I used to get low upvote but thanks to you for proving me some sports token to encourage posting in with #sportstalk ! Whenever i post usually it is a sports post and i won't miss #sportstalk in my post. Thanks !
I hoped you had find me few months ago. haha just a feeling ;)
I support sportstalk :)

let keep to post sports under #sportstalk

I already set an auto upvote for you, when you add #sportstalk tag, i will auto upvote about 2000+ sports token to you

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Looks like we need to create a second account to manage voting power. It just drains voting power and if you wait to reach voting power 100%, you cannot curate content for the time being.

i drop too fast.
because main account also need to upvote chinese community and sct, zzan platform.

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Thanks for your 503.06SP to team-cn ! Your post has earned 20% team-cn upvotes!

Thats an great achievement and progress.
Hope for the growing sports platform.
Thank you.

額外開一個號 比較好

@honoru Hello dear friend, this is good news, congratulations for that delegation, in doubt you will be a very good administration with her. Success dear friend

Excellent review @honoru and delegation is a very useful step in our development on the Sportstalksocial!

Are you the developer of sportstalksocial?

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Delegation option has made things easy. I hope, this would increase community's support to each other.

Wish you an amazing day.

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Thank you for your continued support towards JJM. For each 1000 JJM you are holding, you can get an additional 1% of upvote. 10,000JJM would give you a 11% daily voting from the 700K SP virus707 account.

Great step.. :)

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.00% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

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