NBA: Trae Young could be back next week and had improvements on his injury.

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soacm88kri.jpgsourceTrae Young

The Atlanta Hawks superstar Trae Young could be back as soon as next week and had improvements on his right ankle injury. His xrays were reported to be negative. It's good to see him recovering well. Everyone who plays basketball knows that the first twenty-four hours of an ankle injury is important in determining hiw fast you will be back to full health. I hope it doesn't affect his game to much and needs full recovery, i don't like to see happen to a guy having a terrific start to the season like he was. He's balling so good and i see him pull up from about seven feet behind three-point line and drain it before he got injured. I was looking like an Most Valuable Player candidate now. And i'm glad he's not be out for too long.


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