1 Million Sports Token

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It's been a fantastic ride since we joined SportsTalkSocial. Sports are amazing and the sports tribe is proving it, being among the top 10 most used Dapps on the Steem blockchain for some months now. We can remember being contacted on Twitter to join the tribe by the creator @patrickulrich a few months ago, thank you, Patrick.

We now crossed 1 Million staked Sports tokens, though almost all the staked tokens are delegated to our curation account dfacademy-sports.

Thanks for the work and efforts everyone is putting to make this platform great and thanks for the people who have been supporting us here. SportsTalkSocial has contributed to our journey, thank you!

To celebrate this, we will reward the first 4 comments with 50% upvote each through our curation account with more than 2M staked sports. NB: No spam comment 😉



dfacademy has been doing a great job, I have benefited from their curation. More sports token! 😀💪

You won, thank you!

Hey @dfacademy guys
You're great and I just love your dedication.
Appreciate if you consider me for your sports curation. Thank you

Sure, you're the second to comment so you won. Thanks for your kind words and support 🙏

This scheme has been a great one to the sportstalk platform. I personally follow some of their curated posts and i find them worthy read. Continue your great work @dfacademy

You won, thanks for your words!

I'm so excited about your growth in the sportstalk tribe. Truly, you are one of my inspiration to put more efforts in Promoting @sportstalkSocial on Twitter. I'm hoping to dig more for sports till every sports Community in Akwa Ibom State adopt sportstalk for their reporting.

Congratulations on your milestone.

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You won! Thanks for appreciating and commending our work, we appreciate your work too.

Thank you 😊

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dfacademy is great place, i started also , hope dfacademy will help me to do more best job in this regards, i uploaded first my football passing drill, i am following every exercise of dfacedemy to improve students skill

Thank you. We will try our best on assisting you.