Big teams stay together - Klopp

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Liverpool coach klopp has defended his recent strategy during the transfer window, he has said that big teams always stick together. He said big teams are always stable rather than adding new flashy players. In the recent transfer window klopp only got some teenagers and a backup goal keeper. I'm sure people are wondering why the coach is acting this way but i believe it's best known to him.

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He delivered last season and brought the champions league trophy home and he can still do it this time around. Klopp said big teams stay together for some years, he indicated that they are not a big team now but time will tell soon.

He cited an example with Barcelona 6 or 7 years ago, even though he made it clear he was not comparing his team with Barcelona. He said the team remained the same and new players that were bought struggled to fit in and were dropped along the line. Klopp believes Liverpool will be fine from what he saw from their last game with Manchester united.

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