Cleansing Of The First Batch Nearly Complete

Maybe other tribes can learn how quick and simple it is to get on top of abuse by using a little team work. Many users jumped in to flag,plus the referees and it lasted 3 days.

Today has been very quiet as the 5 accounts we were cleansing over the last few days have stopped posting. The main account who is @yohann apologized this morning and has seen the light. Hallelujah.

This was his comment this morning as he finally saw what he was doing was wrong.

Sorry sir. I thought dlike was fine. Please accept my deepest apology and forgive the stupidity of this young fellow. Please forgive my ignorance.
In return, I want to join in the campaign of protecting the platform of any abuse. I have invested a small amount of money in the platform. It may appear small to many but is very big for me.
Please guide me through. Tell me what to do.

This is a great start and time will tell,but I am hopeful he can play a decent role in the community now.. I can think of nothing worse than having a horde of users landing on your posts wiping them out to zero. I think it has shocked some sense into them and shows that what we are doing is now working well.

Those 5 accounts had over 400 000 Sports Tokens on them and 99 percent of the rewards was going to them as they were the ones voting on them. It looks like one account holder that was running them and maybe @yohann will now admit that and come clean.

I am happy to say the cleansing has left only 73 500 Sports Tokens left which I will remove over the coming days unless anyone has a spare downvote or two. Maybe @yohann as part of your rehabilitation you can help remove as much as possible to show us your good intentions going forward. I am sure those all belong to you so it would be very easy to clean up for us as there isn't much left.

I am hoping with the help of some others to be posting our next group sometime tomorrow. If you are doing something wrong I suggest you stop and toe the line as we are going to cleanse this place no matter how big or small you are. Abusers don't work with one account, but have multiple accounts so we like to do a package deal these days and bring the whole lot tumbling down.

@whatsup mentioned in a comment yesterday that investors like to see action happening against abuse before they invest and I firmly believe that is very true. I wouldn't invest in some tribes for that very reason and I am positive Sportstalk will be leading the way very soon in fighting abuse.

Lastly I want to thank everyone who jumped in to flag and I am hoping for a bigger turn out on our next batch. 2.5 free down votes per day isn't something you should be holding onto if it is needed by the tribe.


Support your sports post (by SPORTS Token and MARLIANS Token)
From @hertz300

This was a community effort and should be seen as such. Credit is for everyone getting involved and making it the envy of other tribes.

MC Hammer would be proud.

Some tribes I would not touch with a barge pole due to their lack of abuse monitoring, or refusal to acknowledge it, and I’m glad to see SPORTS gaining investors for the actions undertaken by members who care.

If this type of atmosphere can be created and if it appears to the investors that the community strength unitedly against abuse, then investment inflow could happen and yes all other tribes should take a lesson from this. Thank you.

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That is really awesome. If I had more stake, I would have been in there helping how ever I could. I have a new account that I am going to be using to help fight abuse and post some of my own stuff. I am pretty excited about it. Thanks for walking me through all of that last night.

Such a big move there and such an amazing turnaround! I'm happy that little by little this platform become healthy for everyone.

Absolutely kind of you.

Thanks @janton. I think I found my calling as I am enjoying catching these scum bags.

I agree. You are like the Texas Ranger of Steemit!

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