Kid Lock Wins! Live Reaction Last 2 Min.

in #sportstalk2 years ago

Broncos rookie QB Drew Lock making his first NFL start has a heck of a game. The dawn of a new day in Broncos Cointry has begun.


this is what we wanted as fan finally that day arrived

Great win for the kid. It only took that one win by the rookie to turn your season around, good things ahead.
I'm so happy that the Giants made the move to start Jones after the second game of the year. Despite throwing 3 interceptions in yesterday's game, the experience he is gaining is invaluable.

Gracias por tan buen video,espero visite mi blog y de un buen voto,espero este bien saludos y abrazos desde venezuela

haha here in Brisbane we have a team called "Broncos" too in Australia.

Broncos get a win. A really fun game. I love your bronco excitement!!!! We Denver fans are awesome.

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Not right now. I know there are a couple. I would play at o e who accepted steem for the bets.

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