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RE: Sportstalk Curation is Tough! Reverting back To Trending Tab To Find Good Content . A post for SportAid. An Opinion Piece.

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Some people don't have that luxury of patience to be consistent with quality content. Perhaps, I'm an example.

Although, I agree consistency is key when it comes to churning out great and quality sports post.

But what then is quality content?. Is it an encyclopedia-like post that gets you sleeping half of the way or one sourced around from the Internet and dumped in sportstalk huge recycle bin? or a post that just hit the nail on the head?, could be one paragraph, even seven lines.

I mean, do I have to upvote an author because he wrote out a sourced thesis-like post? Or look away from an actifit poster because he posted about how he 'devoured' a full bowl of ice cream after a 10 minute walk?. I could vote the actifit post because it's funny really. 😅

I believe quality content has always been subjective and will continue to be in the eyes of the reader.

While many are uptight about it, some are just having fun.


True, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or quality posts are. I just think they need to be at the very least more than a paragraph.would you agree with me there? Sourcing doesnt bother me if the content is good. Sometimes sourcing goes too far. All I want is something good to read and be interested in. this is an opinion piece. You might like the 2 line ones but im not a fan and most of the folks with the sports tokens dont seem to either.

Of course, I agree with you. A good piece, well sourced and interesting(though relative) deserves an upvote. But in what I've seen here so far, such is not really the case.

Most posts don't qualify to grace the trending page. But because they hold some huge token, they automatically send it there. I think what killed the trending page of steemit is coming here. Everyone trying to have a slice of the pie on huge payout.

To avoid such endgame, I feel curators would have no choice but to still search for that undervalued posts irrespective of how arduous it could be. Everyone is not blessed with great writing skills. But the curator should be able to look beyond a see the subtle efforts put in. Who knows, that might just encourage the person more.

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Good point. Thanks for your comment. I will try to do more curating to others not so big

Wow, thanks a great deal for that huge upvote on a comment.

I don't even have up to that on a post😅😅

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