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RE: Sportstalk Curation is Tough! Reverting back To Trending Tab To Find Good Content . A post for SportAid. An Opinion Piece.

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I have about 40,000 sports tokens and I have as well gone through what you have indicated. You are sometimes torn between just upvoting random content or content that you can relate to.

Once in a while I do vote a minnow with a good post but the best way I go about it is sticking to a category that I enjoy - football.

That is how I came to follow you after your post on the weekly premier league challenge.

I am extremely active here with so much banter in the comments and I am loving it.

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This was the reason behind the focus on the tags in the sidebar so there could be more specialized tags for people to dig into that was more of their home turf. It's the way I use the site personally. Sometimes by digging into the team I want to check on for posts but always checking sport leagues I have interest in.

Good point actually. Ip have to start using the football and golf tags more often

@deniskj. I throughly enjoyed our little debate about Paul Pogba. I will look out for your Utd posts from now on

lol..I was still waiting to hear from you who you would take to improve your squad. I appreciate the massive upvote as well. I will look out for your posts as well and for the last man standing challenge.

You said except de gea!! That answered your own question.

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