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RE: Masters Beater 2018

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Hi Tenhanger,

I would like to address you as you are quite an experienced sports blogger and @prometheus21 recommended you to us.

My name is Andrei, I am a sports journalist and part of Scorum project team. Here at Scorum we are now developing a new sports blogging platform. The core idea of it is that authors will get cryptocurrency for quality posts.

What do you think on this? Would you be interested to write for us?

Here is a post on our platform, where you can learn more on the project:

It is important for us to create a community of journalists and bloggers in order to make our site as convenient and user-friendly as possible for authors.

If you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer) You can contact me at [email protected]

Best regards,



Happy to port our stuff to Scorum, Andrei, is it up and running? Not really interested until you have a product, from a writing standpoint that is. We're not interested in "investing" or reading whitepapers which seems to be the theme we get most often.

Tenhanger, thank you for your interest. The platform is not launched yet (launch is scheduled for May), but we want to see how many authors are ready to port out. If you don't mind, we would be happy if you joined our list of potential authors here:
You can also join our Telegram chat to follow the development of the project (
As for investment, you are always welcome, but we are interested in you primarily as an author, so you do not need to read any whitepapers.