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Scorum will launch its operational version of our sports blogging platform as early as this May. Authors will be able to monetize their quality sports texts and active users will get rewards for content curation and spot-on commentaries.

Ex-Arsenal and Barcelona player Alex Hleb, NBA Champion Timofey Mozgov and other professional athletes will have their blogs at Scorum. There will be more great authors like Aleksei Belov, Scorum co-founder with 10 years of sports journalist experience and Oleg Smolerov, lead fantasy sports expert of the Russian market as well as other well-known journalists and bloggers.

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Why it is worth writing on Scorum

If you are planning to become an author on our blogging platform, you can join in now. In this case you will establish your audience on the platform before others do and get maximum support from project team. We will fully assist bloggers to make their Scorum experience both comfortable and rewarding.

How authors can earn: A clear and simple Reward process

Steemit members will already be familiar with the reward system that Scorum uses for its blogging platform:

  • Bloggers create content.
  • Other users upvote this content if they like it. Smart voting algorithm will block reward manipulation by cheaters.
  • Authors of the best posts will get rewards in Scorum cryptocurrency, namely SP tokens (Scorum Power) and SCR (Scorum Coin). SCR coins can be exchanged at exchanges for other cryptocurrencies or classic fiat money.
  • Users who accumulate SP increase the power of their upvotes and influence on revenue distribution among platform users. The more Scorum Power a user has, the stronger his upvote.

You can find more details on voting system in our White Paper (p. 31)

Will there be a hard line content policy?

We can understand your doubts when you start cooperating with a new platform; this is why our content policy will be quite mild for bloggers who join us early. If you already write for another platform we are not against you posting your previously published pieces. You can thus use Scorum for monetizing your work if this does not contradict copyright conditions. On the other hand, users will most probably like exclusive content published on Internet for the first time more, which will be reflected in your rewards.

Support chats

In order to help all authors understand the whole process better we launched special chats in Telegram messenger. There you can ask any questions, exchange your thoughts on the platform and look for ideas for your publications. To join in just click the banner and fill out the form.

Promotion of your posts among other authors

You can also send links to your posts into the chat so that other community members including the Scorum team can see them. This will also be reflected in your earnings. In order to get access to authors chat you need to fill out a small questionnaire for Scorum authors.

Special reporters for 2018 FIFA World Cup

Scorum team comprises professionals who have huge experience in sports media and always ready to help you with specific ideas for your posts and blogs about World Cup in Russia. If you are ready to closely cooperate with Scorum during the World Cup we will be happy to offer you some special conditions. You will get more information in authors chat.

Would you like to become an author at Scorum? Click the banner below. Welcome to the team!

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I am still really interested in writing for you guys, I had submitted a writing sample to the email provided but I had never heard back. Any updates would be appreciated, thanks again!

Thanks a lot for your interest and for your submission @brandonk

Our sports writers are sorting through all the submissions at the moment and the next stages will be discussed in the Telegram Chat for Scorum Authors. The Scorum Blog Platform will go live next month, can't wait to see you there writing! Of course if you want to start off strong there and build your following audience early it wouldn't hurt to have some more content ready to post from day 1.

Thanks! Is there a link for the Telegram room?

just click the banner at the bottom of the article and fill out the form, then you'll get the link to telegram. our general Scorum chat is


If you need any AFL stuff written up I can do. As well as individual page where I have sports content, I run @aflfantasy page with @O07.
You will see loads of our content there.
For AFL there was a footy preview wrote recently to gauge reader interest on Carlton v Collingwood game. That will give you a glimpse of the sort of previews I can do.
I can also write some World Cup Blogs as I will be reviewing all the games anyway on private page
Contact me if you interested

That sounds great, please join our writer community and we hope you'll enjoy the blogging platform and the fantasy leagues.

To be clear, there's no PENALTY for posting Steemit content, right? The "penalty" is simply that readers on Scorum will appreciate new content, and therefore will have a tendency to upvote it more readily?

We've gotten just about zilch from writing our hearts-out for Steemit, so we wouldn't mind breaking in your brand new site with some editted content we've already invested the sweat-equity, just so WE can see if your site is going to have legs. Certainly we wouldn't be reposting timely stuff (like a writeup for a single game), but might post the higher value stuff which isn't time sensitive.

We never read the terms of service for Steemit, but is there a legal issue here? If so, that'd be good news for your site, bc we'd stop posting on Steemit almost immediately.
Also, will your terms of service, per the whitepaper, disallow us from pulling our Scorum-written content to port somewhere else if your site isn't providing the "mojo" shall we say?

wishing Scorum well, of course, and hope it's more vibrant than Steemit which has been a bust sports-wise, but a sweet experiment anyway.

Hey @tenhanger, good questions. In the early phase we'll welcome reposted content, and certainly "evergreen" content is welcome. You will also be welcome to post your Scorum content elsewhere as you see fit, obviously the Scorum community would benefit more from our authors driving more readers to Scorum to read the content there but do what you gotta do...

Can't wait to get paid for writing bout my favourite sports, football.

very good platform for sports writer. thanks@

Really very good news for us. I m ready for Blogging with Scorum.

Waiting to hear from scorum.

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