Who will be the next Ronaldo for Real!

in sports •  4 months ago

Ronaldo spent as many as nine years with the Spanish club and finally made a shocking move to Juventus just a few days ago, a move which no football fan had ever thought of. Ronaldo appeared in 438 matches for Los Blancos and netted 450 goals. He was their main player for all seasons he played and rightly so. Ronaldo made a move to Juventus and will now take the field for them for the first time.


Now the question arises that who will replace Ronaldo as the main striker for Real Madrid! Well, that is really a tough question to answer at the moment as replacing Ronaldo means playing a role he played for nine years and to be honest, no other player in the world can be a replacement for him. With that said, Real Madrid still needs a player who will have to play the role of Ronaldo.

There have some rumours hinting about the expected replacements for Ronaldo which include the two PSG strikers Neymar and Mbappe and the man from Chelsea, Eden Hazard. While many say that one of them might join Real Madrid but their chances of joining Real look bleak.

PSG aren't keen to let their most important player, Neymar let go after just one season. They made it clear that they won't let go Mbappe either which means no Neymar or Mbappe for Real Madrid.

The brother of Eden Hazard also said that Hazard is not keen to join Real Madrid and will stay at Chelsea perhaps.

There is a possibility that one of the two strikers, either Karim Benzema or Gareth Bale has to step up and take the place of Ronaldo and among the two players, the Welsh looks to be the one. After winning the champions league final against Liverpool this season both Ronaldo and Bale had given hints of leaving the club but most people thought that Bale would be the one to leave which was not to be.
Bale has spent 5 seasons with Real Madrid and has netted 88 goals in 189 matches he played si far. He scored twice in the recent Champions League final against Liverpool. Gareth Bale wanted to play more and perhaps that was the reason he wanted to leave the club as he has played on 53 minutes per match in total for Real Madrid. Now that Ronaldo has left and no other major players coming to Real, Bale looks all set to take the place of Ronaldo in the team.

Real might have other ideas to prove me wrong or if you guys have any thoughts or news about this, please let me know in the comments section.

This was originally posted on my sports blog Scorum

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I saw that Edinson Cavani is now no1 Real Madrid transfer target, because Chelsea demanded 178m for Eden Hazard. Anyway I think that Cavani would perfectly fit into this team.


He can be a good replacement.
Not sure about his transfer though.

I think it is time for Greth Bale to show the world what he is made of. Apart from Ronaldo's brain and intelligence, he has everything from speed to finishing to heading to shooting to exploiting spaces behind the defence.
He deserves a chance.

great post. I look forward to more posts