Tiffany "Time Bomb" Van Soest vs Funda Alkayis

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Van Soest:
Glory's unveiling of a super bantamweight women's division in May of 2016 brought in many wonderful prospects from all around the globe. 'Time Bomb' was a muay thai veteran, and former champion for the Lion Fight organization. She is a methodical counter striker who is known for her devastating leg kicks. As a true contact sports veteran she has traveled between kickboxing and mixed martial arts frequently, she is not only the Glory champion, but she has conquered wins in the Invicta FC organization (which is strictly for women's 'mma').

Expect a motivated Van Soest to come chopping at the legs in her third consecutive title defense, one she earned midway through 2016. Tiffany is an impressively active fighter with marketable skills, she will become a household name if she can keep racking up wins the way she has!
This Turkish phenom is one of the greatest amateur kickboxing champions of all time. With over 200 wins and 50 knockouts, she has shown a true lack of reluctance to finish! A vicious body attacker, she will feint low and shoot high all the while moving backwards. She is very dangerous from all angles, and Funda is relentless in the clinch. She will have to be wary of the Glory rule set, as they differ from standard muay thai. No kick catching, no elbows.
A few differentials (between kickboxing and muay thai) that made it a bit hard for amateurs like Alkayis to adapt immediately. The 29-2 record speaks for itself, and although she is only a 1-0 fighter for the Glory organization, she carries the will and experience of her previous battles for the biggest fight of her life.

Prediction and Breakdown:
Surely Van Soest will be the favorite in this matchup. 3-0 in the Glory ring, all within the time span of around 8 months. Alkayis debuted in July of that same year, and has not fought since. The amateur experience of Funda is going to be the x-factor, and her willingness to absorb blows will be much more than her counter-parts whom also sought the belt. Tiffany has shown a tendency to at times be lackadaisical, she is an expert counter striker yet at times slows things down too much. Judges usually aware Van Soest rounds for the damage and eventual volume she puts on ladies, it takes a few minutes for her engine to really get going. Funda will need to utilize her longer reach and stay cagey throughout this matchup, it is a title fight so any point deductions will be absolutely crucial. I believe the power and unknown factor of Alkayis will post many threats to the Blackhouse trained champion, and I have seen Van Soest lose in the past when I thought she never would. Alkayis is a truly vicious body attacker, and I can see this fight being much closer than the public may see.
Funda Alkayis by Split Decision
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