Breaking: Cowboys Running Back Ezekial Elliot Suspended 6 Games!

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SteemSports Presenter: Scott Frank,@scottybuckets
The Dallas Cowboys have suspended star running back for 6 games! When we did our fantasy football running back predictions, I had Elliot out of my top 10 because I was sure that he would be unable to play all 16 games due to his off the field issues.
This suspension is based off of a Domestic Violence investigation that has taken more than a year. Although the Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones continued to state publicly that nothing happened, law enforcement decided otherwise. Roger Goodell made the final call for the 6 game suspension based off of this policy, “In cases where a player is not charged with a crime, or is charged but not convicted, he may still be found to have violated the policy if the credible evidence establishes that he engaged in conduct prohibited by this Personal Conduct Policy.”

The 22 year old will be out for the first 6 weeks of the season. He will be eligible to come back against their hated division rival, the Washington Redskins, on October 29th. But where will the Cowboys be by that point in the season? They open the season vs the Giants. That will be a tough game. Follow that up with a difficult trip to Arizona before getting some breathing room at the Rams. Next they go back home to face Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. I have them at 2-3 going into week 5 at San Francisco. 3-3 looks to be there record when Elliot gets back.
When will professional athletes and especially NFL players learn to not put their hands on a woman? Elliot is one of the best players in the NFL and is THE best player on the Cowboys. He has now hurt a woman, his teammates, the fans, and himself. Let's hope he and every other player learns that this is unexceptionable behavior.
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There goes the season...

I'm a Dallas fan and this is a kick in the groin for this season, but Elliot needs to grow up. Hopefully this teaches him a lesson.


Agreed. Will Dak be able to keep the team winning without him?


Good question. Certainly puts a lot more pressure on him. McFadden played well in 2015 when he was healthy and the O-line is still top notch. Dallas will still be able to run the ball. But what they will miss the most is Elliot's explosiveness. Last years games against Pittsburgh and Cincinnati immediately come to mind. Much tougher to win when you don't have a home run threat.