Watching Basketball from a Box Suite in Los Angeles!

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Are you a sports fan?
What's your favorite sport?


Here are some cool shots of the
Clippers VS The Cavaliers from their game in Los Angeles a week ago!


The ticket to get in, generously provided by a good friend when I was in LA for the weekend:


A fantastic time enjoying the game, especially from a really cool VIP box!


While I appreciate sports for showcasing some of the greatest physical talent the world has ever known, I'm not familiar with all of the rules...


For example, can anyone explain the part where they shoot fire 🔥 at the players?


I must have missed that day in gym class...


Have an awesome day everybody!

@scan0017 😘


For example, can anyone explain the part where they shoot fire 🔥 at the players?

Lol. That’s funny question. There is million answers you can get, however I thing that usually in reality in makes sense to fight 🔥 with 🔥. With that said, they expect players to be on 🔥. Does it make sense? With that said, it reminded nds me this song, I think you know exactly who is the author.

”Fight fire with fire
Ending is near
Fight fire with fire
Bursting with fear
We all shall die”

Anyway, watching these two teams playing against each other must had been an amazing experience. A a huuuge bonus seeing LeBron James I’m soo jealous. Great pictures @scan0017 !

Thanks @rothberg!
I love happy songs like the one you mentioned above! 😊

Yes, I play basketball..

Yes... @scan0017 sir..
I'm sport fan... I'm really like football and basket ball...
Wow..I think that is amazing exeperience dor work sir...
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Yes sir i am a sports fan and my favorite sport is cricket

I am a cricket fan like any other Indian guy. Waiting for Ind vs Ban match tonight. So its going to be an awesome night!

I like your funny post @scan0017
Resteem ✋🏻

this valuable post.
i appreciate your blog..this very funny .thanks for sharing this story..

I love the fact that you are all dear friend @scan0017 and that is super good.

hello @scan0017 I'm not a fan of basketball but a good image, mine is football, if I recommend it as a sport. regards. upvote and resteem

yes i am sports fan i love cricket!hahha nic post hope u enjoyed the match upvoted and resteemed successfuly!

yes i am, football is my favourite game and i usually play it...

Ya I am a sports fan and my favourite sport is football .I also played football for my college team and win a trophy.
By the way these are image are awesome specially third one. I loved it @scan0017.
I Resteemed this post to give this post more exposure .

wow,this is a various kinds of basketball game.i love football.but i am not understand this game rules of are a lucky man. . i never got the chance to enjoy these match live.thanks to sharing for your good post.dear @scan0017

I am not that much fan of basketball, but I see sometimes my mates playing it at college, giving a tough fight to each other

you are lucky man... i never got the chance to enjoy these match live.😖

Thank for bringing us sports information. In our country, we have craze for cricket.

Wow ..this life is what everyone wants and you are living it...lucky you...

Wonderful story
I love it sports, I appreciate your blog
Thanks for sharing this travel.....

Wonderful story
I love it sports, I appreciate your blog
Thanks for sharing this travel.....

Woow, are you ok?

I'm a sports fan but... Football, because those rules I do understand, but I do not understand Basketball at all!

Yeah, I play basketball until now that I'm college, this is grate game. @scan0017

good post :) and its really good game to play :) thanks for sharing @scan0017

I love Basketball, it's the sport I practice. The rules are easy, when you like something, learning it is easy.

YuP! I like basketball, but just only watch on TV :p

always and wanted to be in a chaca and see some of those games in person would be the maximum @scan0017

Great seats! Have not been to Staples Center yet to enjoy a game. Have a blessed weekend, Craig!

I love that sport friend, it's good that you returned and I missed you.
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Ohhhh basketball, good sport, you must have good height to practice it.

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Extremely superior experience of Basketball experience pictures and contents there @scan0017. I would like to watch soccer and Rugby football. It's too faster gaming adventure. Gorgeous post sharing. Have a Blast......
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basketball is a great game.i like basketball and i am enjoying basketball

Basketball is blaster game. I'm huge fan of T20 cricket gaming. I like Indian premier league also. Do you like Cricket? You given sensational basketball images. Glorious one.

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