Ronaldo celebrates the lover as "handsome"

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imageThe Real Madrid forward is often celebrating the opening of the jersey but for the sake of his lover, Georgina Rodriguez. Cristiano Ronaldo said this because 'my lover has called me handsome' - because of celebrating 'CE' for Real Madrid.

It will be a goal but it will not be celebrated, it is incompatible with football. Opening the Jersey celebration has become quite regular in football nowadays. But lover celebrates the opening of the jersey called 'Hussar', and how many are such footballers? Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates opening the jersey but only for his girlfriend.
Cristiano Ronaldo has had several reasons to celebrate the goals in the past years, but the celebration of the Real Madrid debut for this forward is often the celebration but for the sake of his lover, Georgina Rodriguez. 'My lover has called me handsome' - Ronaldo said this because the reason for celebrating 'CE' for Real Madrid is that Ronaldo
The Portuguese forward forwards fame for several reasons, but to join the ball in the opponent's net, one of Ronaldo's strongest arms. Madrid has scored 450 goals in 437 matches so far - 33-year-old Ronaldo is not just Real, one of the world's best footballers. Celebrating his goal with the goal of catching the viewers Although there is a great chance of getting yellow cards, Ronaldo's 'CE' celebration after the goal is now the favorite partner of many. This celebration is quite popular among young people from all around the world.
Ronaldo responds when asked about the reason for celebrating the opening of the journal 'El Chiringuito de Jugones' in the Baron d'Or, five times, 'My lover told me that I am a handsome man.'
In the 2013 International Champions Cup, Ronaldo showed the first against Chelsea. However, Real Madrid said that he would serve in the celebration without any pre-arrangement. Ronaldo said, "Many people do not know how to pronounce the exact word. It's not soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Ronaldo's celebration is now part of his play. As if his hair clips. But there is a different fame for the great hairstyles for Ronaldo Before coming face to face with Liverpool in the Champions League final tomorrow, Ronaldo said, "It's like a lot of hair, people will say, why do not you cut your hair? It's awful But it's my luck helpful. If it brings something good for me, why should I tell it? '
Ronaldo must have dreamed that his lucky hair will be taken to Kiev until the celebration of CE. If anything happens, who can not win the third consecutive title!


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