Madrid touches 24-year-old record

in #sports5 years ago

imageThe need to build the glory was a win for Real Madrid.

The record is not just Real, the Madrid team's record. Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid are the two best Madrid club in Spain's capital. Atletico Madrid lost the French club Marshey on 17th of this month and took the Europa League title for themselves. Then there was a chance to create new records in front of Madrid.
Fabio Capello's AC Milan won the Champions League title in 1994. In the same year, the UEFA Cup (now the Europa League) won by city competitor Inter Milan. Nobody could break the European club competition so much that day. Milan was the only city to have two titles in the same year in the UEFA Club tournament. Now there's Madrid to come out to share it.
Atletico Madrid has already removed their responsibilities. The Madrid club won the Europa League title by defeating Marshall 3-0 in the final. The only work left was Real Madrid. Real Madrid has done the job. Yesterday Liverpool beat Real 3-1 with the glory of the city.
Spain's capital city is spreading Milan in one place after winning the Real Champions League. Milano did not get an interactive opponent in the UEFA Super Cup two years ago. Because, then UEFA Cup, the UEFA Super Cup, the European Cup Winners' Cup win team had to face the Champions League winners. That is why AC Milan got Arsenal (Winers Cup wins) as the opposition in the UEFA Super Cup.
Now the rules have changed. Now the UEFA Super Cup encounters two Champions League and Europa League wins two teams. That is, for the first time in the UEFA Super Cup wins the Real Champions League, the two neighbors will face a city. The Super Cup final will be held on August 15 in Estonia Talinnan.


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