How Conor McGregor will KO Floyd Mayweather (video/podcast)

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Both Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor are sporting personalities who have transcended their sports. People who don't care about competitive fighting know who their are and what they do. When you ask many what will happen on August 26th in Las Vegas when they step in the boxing ring, the answer seems obvious - Floyd is an undefeated champion boxer, and Conor is coming from another sport, therefore Floyd will win. In fact, there are more factors involved.

It's true that Floyd has a perfect record of 49 wins and zero losses, and by anyone's estimation he is a top-level fighter. However, he has never fought someone like Conor before. Conor comes from different disciplines, and has all of the insight which comes from studying different styles of movement. Conor is taller and has a longer reach than Floyd, which is something Floyd rarely faces. At 40, Floyd is very old for an athlete, and nearly two years have passed since his last fight.

Floyd has had problems with his fragile hands throughout his career, eventually leading him to a defensive fighting style, studying his opponent for the first few rounds, and learning their moves, then eventually winning by decision. Conor is more likely to put the pressure on, and go for a knockout within the first four rounds, as he did against champion José Aldo, ending the fight in 13 seconds.

With bookmakers setting McGregor as an underdog, paying $4.50 for every dollar bet, they're estimating that his chance of winning is around 23%. In this episode, gambler and martial arts enthusiast Luke Petersen makes the case of why he is betting on McGregor to win by KO in the first four rounds.

Join us on another head-rattling, bone-shaking, combo-delivering episode of... The Paradise Paradox!

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Please don't take this comment as an attack or get offended, i'm just trying to drop a little knowledge. Conors base striking skill comes from boxing, as does most most of his movement and use of angles. It doesn't matter that Conor has studied other martial arts because the fight is a boxing match. Floyd started boxing at super featherweight and now fights at welter and super welter, he constantly comes up against people taller than him. Floyd has taken on fighters who are aggressive before, even more so than mcgregor and handled them fairly well for the most part, although i believe this is the style that causes him the most trouble. Fighters who are faster, more accurate, and more skilled in boxing than mcgregor have been unable to land a single clean punch on floyd. I'm not saying mcgregor has no chance, i've seen to many fighters who supposedly had no chance, beat the odds, its just extremely unlikely. Anyways i respect your opinion and lets hope its a great fight.
P.s. it could also be argued that conor has never fought a fighter like floyd.


Did you watch the video or just read what I wrote? Because it's probably better to listen to what Luke says instead of my write-up.

It does matter that Conor has studied other martial arts. Every multi-disciplinarian knows that when you have different disciplines, each one gives you insights into the others. I know it from my own experience.

Thanks for your comment.


i didn't realize it was a video until i read your reply. I watched a little and the context of what you had wrote became more clear.

I thought you were saying mcgregor will win by knockout, and not that its a possibility.

I have made a post of similar sentiment, although i don't think its as favourable for mcgregor, maybe check it out if you have a chance. Here is the link.

I love hearing and reading other peoples insights into the fights.

Thanks for the reply.


Right, I did use a sensational headline there, so my bad for being misleading.

I'll have a read of your analysis.

hhhh i don't think that's what will be happen my friend ;)