Russia Beat Spain. Congratulations To The Host Nation!

in sports •  7 months ago


Russia played a very defensive game. They were clearly playing with the hope of a shootout. The Spanish team did great passing as usual but were never able to break through the tough Russian defense.

The Russian goalie made two saves including the incredible kick save in the image above. The fact that he had the coordination to dive and kick his foot up simultaneously was outstanding.

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Great game with lots of action. Russia had a game plan, stood there ground. And Akinfeev is a known goalkeeper with lots of experience coming into this competition and I think that's why he's the captain of the side. An amazing game day. Looking forward to Croatia and Denmark.


Good points. I guess today was the day of the shootouts. Hopefully more goals tomorrow.


Hopefully! I think Belgium should do better but Japan is a very compact team.

Akinfeev will be considered a hero in Russia for many years to come. Spain do not look the same team they once were and their tiki-taka style is no longer effective, especially without the likes of Xavi dominating the midfield.

The good news is that England have a slightly better chance of getting to the final, but let's take it one game at a time!


Yes. Also They don’t have a striker like Villa or Torres were in years past. Their over patient passing is only effective with a top flight striker. Go Three Lions!