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Ass | Since the summer of 2014 Real Madrid has signed with players worth 403 million euros, while during the same period sold players worth 422 million euros.Dky50CHW0AAE-BV.jpg
Ass | In the same period, Barcelona spent nearly 808 million euros (double the amount paid by Real Madrid) while selling players 460 million euros.
Ass | In the same period, Atletico Madrid also paid 567 million euros for new players while selling players worth 442 million euros.
Marca / The first big decision by Lobetigi: goalkeeper.
Marca/ The loss to Atletico Madrid will not leave the consequences of the idea of ​​Lopetigi on the starting lineup, the short-term Golein dilemma is goalkeeper, the case of Kellor and Cortoa approaching and after the super decision may be imminent.
Marca/ Corto's late arrival helped Real make it easier to choose Navas in the final. Lopetti chose the most logical bet and also put pressure on him by not registering the Tibo who saw the game from the stands.
MarcaDky5hSHX0AIhbbc.jpg/ Cortua was seen in the semi-final exercises following a specific action plan to speed up his preparations. His signing with Real Madrid was more than expected and did not join Chelsea's training after a month's leave after the World Cup.


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