3 hours left to enjoy the biggest sporting event Blocktrades Worldcup final match between France vs Croatia

in sports •  4 months ago

Hello steemians

I'm fine by the grace of almighty and hope you are all fine. Today is the final day of Blocktrades football worldcup 2018. We have been enjoying from five weeks of dramatic worldcup. 32 teams have joined in the worldcup.

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The biggest football power Brazil, Germany, Argentina, Spain have already left. Having a great performance Croatia have placed their name in final match against strong France. We don't know what will happen? Because football final match means a high voltage and unpredictable match. Personally I'm a supporter of team Argentina but they failed to play in the final. Today I just enjoy the match. Who will achieve the crown of 2018 Blocktrades worldcup? France or Croatia?

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