NBA Analyze - Same Faces New Places and What is going to happen next!

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O man i love this game! Ok you might say it's not the same game like 10-15 years ago and i agree but i still love it! I enjoy every single second of it... I love NBA!


Yes the game change but the NBA Finals are the same ones for the last 3 years and some might say the history will repeat this year as well...

At the end of the day do we want the same Final four years in a row!!!

I follow with a lot of interest the Draft this year as i know it will open the door for a lot of trades and this is just the beginning and...wait that's not all! The start of the free agency!

It is obvious that each team have a different strategy but the end of the day the goal is winning a championship!

It is very interesting to see what is going to happen this period of time. As you know a lot of trades have been done already: Chris Paul landed in Houston where it will be very interesting to see how he is going to coabitate with James Harden, Dwight Howard landed in Charlotte, Jimmy Butler landed in Minnesota next to Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Antony Towns, Brook Lopez landed in LA and it will play for the Lakers together with Lonzo Ball and few others. I bet by the time i am writing this blog at least one more trade will be made!

Some teams like Golden State and Toronto resign their stars to keep the team in the same format.

But there are a lot of rumors going around!

A lot of rumors regarding Carmelo Antony joining the Cavs or about Wade that might join them in the mid season.Rondo might sign with Lakers. Hayward might join Celtics. Still so many players out there on the free agency and still so many options and unfortunately lets not forget that for some players its all about the money and not the passion of playing the game anymore. Sad but true!

I really want to know what do you guys think about this period for NBA with all this trades and moves, what others rumors have you heard, what other deals you think will happen and why and yes of course the big question who will play the Final this year! Or you think is just a rhetorical question....

NBA Fans let you opinion be heard!

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It is my first blog that i post in travel so any kind of feedback is more then welcome!


Hayward is 99% a Celtic so this should be truly interesting. I was impressed by the Celtics last year, I felt sorry for them when IT got injured in the Conference Finals. With IT coming back and hopefully avoiding injuries next season and Hayward coming to Boston, we should have a much more interesting battle between the Cavs and the Celtics in the East.
Melo to Cavs? Nah, he will remain a Knick man, he loves the Big Apple and now that Phil Jackson is out of the picture, he will run the show in NY even though the franchise doesn't show any promise going into the next season. Well at least KP is there.
And you forgot sth bro: D-Rose might just be heading to San Antonio... wouldn't that be something?? :P

Even with IT healthy and Hayward on fire i don't think that Celtics can pass Cavs. Don't get me wrong i like both of them: Hayward is an amazing shooter and Thomas well he is the player that shows that with passion and a lot of work you can do everything (at the end of the day size really doesn't matter).
Maybe it's just me as i like Cavs a lot and have to admit that Lebron is third on my all time favorite players after Kevin Garnett and Shawn Kemp.
Everything that you mention about Melo is correct but don't forget that he is at the end of his career and all he needs is a ring so might consider leaving Big Apple. For sure Durant example will be follow by few after last season.
Hehe D-Rose!! If he wouldn't have that bad injury his career will be probably stellar by now. If he is heading to San Antonio that mean that Parker or Manu will retire or who knows maybe both of them. San Antonio remains an amazing team and i think that Gregg Popovich is one of the best coach of all time!

The shape of the NBA landscape has definitely changed dramatically. This offseason has been so interesting so far. So many star players on brand new teams. Everyone gunning for GS and Cleveland to not make the finals again. More "super" teams forming around the NBA. I told my buddy in a few years there'll just be a few super teams and the rest of the NBA will struggle. It's already coming true with Houston and Minnesota.

Have to agree that Houston and Minnesota have done so far the best deals. I can add in this list as well Boston who looks much much better with Hayward. I know everyone is against another final like the one we had in the last three years but for the moment the movement that the teams have done don't show too much (don't forget that just adding some great players to a team does not guarantee the success and the examples are a lot). Anyway it is going to be a very interesting season that is no doubt about that and i just wait for it to start it!

Love the insight and post! I'm glad you took up my offer of posting some NBA content :p

I think two teams have significantly improved their status: OKC and Minnesota. I would put in Houston and Boston in there also, but there are still some question marks.

OKC has a bonafide Starting 5 now with their recent transactions: Russ, Roberson, Paul George, Patrick Patterson, Steven Adams

I think OKC can make some serious noise and compete with the best of them! I'm not sure about their bench, but I think getting PG for Oladipo and Sabonis straight up is highway robbery! As is the contract and term of Patrick Patterson! 2Patt is an amazing stretch-4. As a Raptor that watched him play the last 4 years, he is a highly-skilled, high IQ basketball player that is a threat from 3, and can also go off the dribble from time to time. He's a versatile big man that can switch SF-PF-C, and can be a big asset for small ball lineups.

Minnesota on the other hand has a very very intriguing Starting 5, which is still very young! Teague-Wiggins-Butler-Gibson-KAT as your starting 5 is going to be scary good. Bench is going to be somewhat of a question, but I'm not sure Minny's done either; plus, Coach Thibs does not really place role players anyways, so I don't expect anything different in the coming season.

Houston's my sleeper for a championship run next season. I'm not sure how their lineup is going to look, but they can surely matchup with Golden State!

Boston looks good, but they need to shed off some cap space/assets in order to stay financially stable after absorbing Hayward's big contract!

I am really glad as well that you suggest me to post about NBA and i have few more ideas so more blogs about the game we love will follow.
Glad as well to see what happen in Minnesota. I am a huge fan of Kevin Garnett and since he played most of his carrier there my heart somehow was always with them. It will be really fun to watch them that is for sure!
But there is one thing that i notice... the West is getting stronger and stronger and the East weaker and weaker. It's great to see so many competitive team in the West as this is a big plus for the game but what is happening in the East. In the last years East was anyway weaker but the way it's looking with the trades so far i think this year we are going to see the weakest East ever witch is not no great. Don't get me wrong i like Cavs a lot and i like to see them in the Finals but i like as well to see them really fighting to reach there as from what i sow so far i can bet from now that they will reach the Finals without any major problems.
What do you think?

Nice post!

Most excited about the Timberwolves and the potential of Carmelo playing for the Cavs. However, lots of other exciting moves this offseason as well. The Celtics will be a great team going forward as well, while the Rockets might be a little more deadly with CP3.

In the end, I do believe we will likely see a fourth installment of the Cavs-Warriors. CRAZY!

Thanks a lot!

I am excited for the Timberwolves as well. My favorite player is and it will be Kevin Garnett, so my heart somehow is always there as he played most of his carrier with them. Definitely the experience of Jimmy Butler is going to help them as they are a young team but a very talented one. Lets not forget that they have won the title of ROY for the last 2 years with Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Antony Towns. Celtics are getting stronger for sure if Hayward is going to sign with them as he is an amazing shooter as for Rockets it all will depend of the chemistry in the game between CP3 and Harden.

I know you are a big fan of Cavs so imagine on the floor: Irvine, Lebron, Carmelo, Wade and Love. As i do believe that they will sign Wade as well mid season...Crazy! Its amazing just to think about it!

I know it sounds crazy but i do believe as well that we are going to have another final Cavs-Warriors. The big question : Is this good for NBA?

KG on the Wolves was an ANIMAL. I loved that dude, even with the Celtics. His intensity was practically unmatched (except maybe for Jordan).

The Hayward to Celtics has been confirmed, so they have definitely gotten better this offseason.

Irving at the 1, Wade at the 2, Carmelo at the 3, Lebron, Love...OH MY. I just love the offensive versatility there...Wade and Melo can both create their own shot which is very valuable against the Warriors defense. Their defense will be suspect, but the Warriors can score even against the best of defenses.

I think that another Finals with the Cavs-Warriors is good for the NBA IF its competitive. Another 5 game series won't be good...but a tough 6 game series OR a competitive 7 game series would be the best outcome for the NBA in my opinion. Rivalries are very valuable to any sport, and this has the chance to become a historically great one AS LONG AS it doesn't become one-sided.

I am really glad you like KG! His intensity passion and dedication for the game was unique and yes maybe at Jordan i sow the same, not to mention the joy for playing the game. I am sure he will be a HOF, there is no question about that. I love the way he played no matter what team he went (Celtics and Nets) and i am really glad that he came back in his last year to retire from the Timberwolves. Hehe got all his jersey as well!

So funny with Hayward as i mention in the post that while i am writing the blog for sure one trade will be done. If his move to Celtics is already confirmed then it will be interesting to see them in action. I like Hayward he is a great shooter!

I can feel your excitement when it comes to Cavs and in a way honest to be i am excited as well to see the team in that format as it sounds like a dream team. Anyway i will be interesting to see what is going to happend and who Cavs will bring. I still think that Carmelo and Wade will play the final next to Lebron and company!

I agree. A final with 7 game series will be amazing even its the same one four years in a row. You know what it will be the best - Game 7 with overtime! Imagine that!