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RE: 2018 Steem Powered Fantasy Football Recap - Week 4

in #sports3 years ago

Ok, back to fantasy football. Congrats to @full-measure for destroying me in week 3 and to @misterhorse for killing me in week 4. Sadly I am 0 - 4 going into week 5. I think the best thing for me to do to at this point is to trade everyone except Kamara, haha.

Lol. It's too bad our division is so tough. And then Mr. Horse wasn't an easy game either. You definitely don't deserve to be 0-4. Tough hole to be in lol but I'm predicting you slide to a better record as the season goes.

I got your donation transfer and added it to the prize pool! That downtime on Steemit was annoying. Thanks for cranking out the updates!!


This is the week I will finally get a W! Haha, I will keep saying that until I get one.

These recaps are mainly cut and pastes from yahoo fantasy so it's not biggie. I hope our members get some value from them, plus it produces a post to help generate more $$ for our prize pool.

Yup! They don't have to be the next Mona Lisa, they just have to get done :p

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