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RE: Today in Sports History #9 - NHL Lockout (February 16, 2005)

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Sports, money and politics go together, just like in other mass-entertainment.
Yeah, I'm cynical
Did you know that in ancient Greece sports was just a form of military training?


Sure - am aware of that and agree to all points :-)

i can agree with the first points but in ancient greece sports wasnt just a form of military training. that was really depended on the sport, some of them were as you said for military purposes like the one with the spear and others just for fame,glory and better physic and because ancient greece was at her prime they wanted to do something to feel in the eyes of the others as of special and higher human beings. That was a reason olympic games started and took the form they have nowadays( the ''for zeus etc etc'' its like you said politics and religion if i may add

thank you for the information, and yes looking for fame and glory is also a kind of politics

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