NBA Today : Cleveland Cavaliers sweeps Toronto Raptors 4-0 | East Semis 5/8/18

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Lebron James and the Cavs swept the Top 1 seed Toronto Raptors in the East Semi-Final round to advance into Lebrons 8th Eastern Conference Finals. The Buzzer Beater in game 3 is the game changer to the series because it really breaks the heart of the Raptors and not be able to bounce back in game 4 is such a terrible end to their season. Toronto lost to the Cavs for the 3rd straight year now they cant figure out the way to dethrone King James.

Lebron James finishes with 29pts 11asts 8rebs as Cavs defeat the Raptors 128 - 93 and advances to the Eastern Conference Finals.

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Cavs are the first team to advance in the conference final they will play either Boston or Philly

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Good job my friend!!!
Can I suggest my post to your readers about James???
Keep working in this way, man!

Thanks man! yes you can.

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