NBA Playoffs Cavs vs Celtics Game 4 WIN SBD! Betting odds!

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Hello Steemians! NBA Playoffs 2018 is now on its Conference Finals! Which teams will land to the Finals and get the chance to win the NBA Championship! In the Eastern Conference Finals the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics. Celtics led the series 2-1 as the Cavs win game 3.

I will hold a betting challenge to you guys and get the chance to win some SBD's by placing a bet to your team to win through betting odds.

What is odds?

the ratio between the amounts staked by the parties to a bet, based on the expected probability either way. wiki

Cavs vs Celtics Game 4

Cleveland Cavaliers (-300) Favorite | bet 3 sbd to win 1 sbd | max bet 9 sbd to win 3 sbd

Boston Celtics (+240) Underdog | bet 1 sbd to win 2.4 sbd | max bet 3 sbd to win 7.2 sbd

example: you bet for Cavs 3 sbd and Cavs won, you win 1 sbd so you'll get 1 + 3(your bet) = 4 sbd

How to bet?

Send your bet to @dopinthezone together with the MEMO of the Team you betting to win

Deadline for the bets will be May 22, 2018 8:00am the Game will start 8:30am PH time "wrong & late bets will not be accepted and will be refunded"

Winners will get their winnings after the game! Goodluck!

If you support this kindly upvote and resteem so that others can see and bet. Thanks!

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