An Angel Smiling Down on Anaheim

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Hats off to the Halos for an incredibly classy performance


Recently, the Los Angeles Angels (the Major League Baseball team in Anaheim, California) lost a player. Young pitcher Tyler Skaggs, only 28 years of age, was found dead (his cause of death has not been released yet). Tonight, the entire team paid tribute to him as all of the players wore a jersey with “Skaggs 45” emblazoned on the back. That alone was an emotional tribute to see, but Skaggs’ teammates were just getting started.

From the ceremonial first pitch, which was thrown out by Tyler Skaggs’ mother, it was a magical night. First of all, the Angels beat the visiting Seattle Mariners in front of their home crowd by a score of 13-0. That offensive performance and the shutout should have been enough to honor their fallen comrade. But the Angels pitchers threw on even more of a tribute.

Their two pitchers of record, Taylor Cole and Felix Pena, combined for a no-hitter. Over 9 innings and 27 outs, they held the Seattle Mariners for no hits. Somewhere up above, they must have been cheered on by the late Tyler Skaggs.

Combined no hitters have been a rarity in baseball history because managers used to leave their pitchers in when the guy hadn’t given up a hit, but now with openers, the game’s first pitcher may only throw an inning or two (Cole threw two innings tonight; Pena pitched the remainder of the game). We’ll certainly be seeing more combined no hitters in the future, but any no hitter is a rare occasion worthy of celebration.

After the game, each Angels player removed his jersey and laid it on the field. As they departed towards the clubhouse, a full set of Skaggs 45 jerseys adorned the mound from which Tyler Skaggs once pitched. Even as a fan watching on a television far away, it was an emotional sight to behold.

Kudos to the Angels team and players for a heartwarming tribute to their late teammate.

Image: Screenshot from MLB.TV, taken by the author during the game's broadcast.


Hello @donkeypong, how are you doing? Losing a teammate who has long interacted together is indeed very sad. That was what was felt by Tyler's teammates. And maybe the victory of the angels team is a gift presented to Tyler from his friends. Hopefully Tyler is calm in heaven now. Have a nice day, sir.

Thanks for your kind comment.

Awesome photo @donkeypong and I mourn the death of the Tyler Skaggs. The fact that the team of Angels made a tribute to the Tyler Skaggs impresses me and I fully support their steps, it deserves a lot of respect!

I think they did a great job with the tribute as you rightly pointed out.,it was indeed emotional. I am not a fan of baseball but I came across it and it was indeed emotional. May the soul of Tyler Skaggs rest in peace.

Amen to that!

See! if you treat people with respect, you get respect in return! r.i.p

Yes. Treat others as you would want to be treated. I think any sports player would have been thrilled to have that kind of send off.

I've known you for awhile now, your great love for this sport is amazing and the way you report it makes it easy for novice to comprehend.

It is really nice to see these kind of tributes. I says a lot about the meaning of a lost player

it is so sad news, i know the pain of losing someone who is closer to you. last year i lost my friend....

For sure. And I'm very sorry for your loss.

@donkeypong, Most of respectable work done by Los Angeles Angels. Actually Tyler Skaggs's death unfortunate news to listen. But team gave great heartwarming tribute.

@donkeypong, This is really unfortunate aspect and definitely whenever the whole team gives the Tribute it creates really emotional moment. Stay blessed.

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good post i like your post

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