Biggest enemy of Human (An account on personal experience)

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Dear Steemians !


Today i am going to talk about the unforgettable football match of my life.You will notice that there was one thing in the whole incident that was stopping me from victory.This thing was not letting me to be myself to unravel my potential.i hope you will enjoy.

I remember the day 5th of October 2013 it was our senior year in college and i was studying at PAF College sargodha which is a residential school. We have had competitions among houses ,so this was senior football championship. Our house had been the champion for last 2 years and i as a captain had huge burden of retaining previous position. Our match was with the team from whom we lost group stage match and that house was our biggest rival( Mirage House). I was very nervous and was praying that match should not start . Every step i was taking toward ground was heavy on me , time seemed to stop and ground was looking like mirage in the desert never coming close.

My body language was so negative i had already admitted defeat but there was something inside me that was compelling me to stand and was giving me reasons not to lose hope.As i entered the ground there was a big boo from crowd as we were not the favorite team for Final. I still remember the crowd enchanting "Girti hui dewar ko ek dhaka aur do (Push the falling wall once more)" it was very heart breaking scene not to have a single supporter from crowd of 500 people. I was all covered with sweat , my legs were so shaky that i could not walk in a straight line .To hide my fear i put the shirt front in my mouth and started biting it.Other team members were looking forward to me as i was the center Back of team and i had to control the defense, heavy burden was on me and i was shaking at the foundations.
Finally the whistle was blown and the match started ,adrenaline rushed through my whole body . I was still, could not feel my legs .Ball was in front of me and i remember i didn't try to hit it and the other team's captain hit the ball and it was there goal.My hopes shattered ,tears start flowing out and i sat down in the field .Referee thought that i was injured so he stopped the match. My house master came in rushing to see whether i was OK or not but to his surprise i was crying .He took me out of field and the match started i was not substituted but he took me out for counseling. He told me one thing that i still remember "There is no Honor and shame in winning or losing, it lies in whether you tried or not " . I don't know what was in those words but i was feeling fully charged, boosted up and to my surprise legs were like "common boy lets hit it hard".

It was still 1-0 and 5 minutes were left ,entire team was hopeless but there was a boy inside them who was crying a moment earlier,now he was running like he never ran,putting his all efforts like he never did. I was running to the every corner of the field like i was attached to the ball. We got the corner at the 3rd last minute and we were given the corner kick , i took the corner kick and it drop straight in the feet of our striker all he had to do was just a little flick and ball was in the net.OH ! God we scored it was unbelievable i was looking towards referee mouth ,phew!! finally he blown the whistle and we were leveled. That satisfaction that i played my part was unexplainable i was out of world with joy . Self confidence filled me in, suddenly i was offensive from defensive.

After that score ball was mostly in opponents half. It was last minute and ball was with me and i was just ahead the half of the field i was so excited that i shot the ball from that distance and it went like a bullet into the left upper corner of the goal and here it was the second goal. i was not believing it was me , some moments ago i was not able to hit the ball a yard away now i scored the goal half across the field.Now all my hopes were back again , instead of crying i was laughing and i still remember i looked towards the crowd the crowd that was chanting boo was now saying "Rise of Sun fire of Gun you are second to none".It was last extra minute that i again took corner and it directly went into the net and we were at 3 goals now and then finally the whistle was blown.We maintained our legacy not only maintained but had a historic victory.

At the end of the match i fell on the ground i didn't has force to lift my eyebrows my teammates were giving me water some where taking off my shoes.It take me quite a while to be stable and received the trophy.



Lesson that i learned from that day was our greatest victories lies beyond fear . Fear will try to bring you down , you will feel like you are dying but believe me its nothing but fear .Sometime s people will put you down for no reason ,sometimes you will lose faith in yourself. Sometimes your legs will pull you down like you are the heaviest man alive , earth gravity will pull you down like it is going to swallow you up. In all these situation listen to your heart and keep yourself pushing harder and harder .If Life push you one step backward , you jump 4 step forward. All you have to do is drive out fear its our biggest enemy.All the victories lie one step ahead just close your eyes and take leap of faith.


Me taking winners certificate from Principal

I hope you have enjoyed and taken the lesson as well .If one person can shake out his/her fear after reading this i have served the purpose of writing this incident !

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Love it! And agreed deeply. All the magic happens when we dive into our fear. I also feel my eyes dropping from tiredness at 12 AM EST in the USA right now, so I hear ya ;) Thanks for sharing :)

@ryanbiddulph you are awesome blogger thats really satisfying to hear from you thanks

Same tournament, 2008. I was captain. We qualified for... 7th/8th position match. I was the captain. I had a big white towel. I wrapped myself in it and cried like a little baby when the group matches were over and we couldn't qualify for the semifinals despite having a great team. Worst days of my footballing career. There have been beautiful ones too and more in numbers.

The story took me 10, 11 years back when I was doing the same stuff in same colors in same college.

You have always been a great captain in future though

Thanks man! There have been amazing moments lately during my leadership on the field. In our second year, egoes and politics were bigger factors than star players (that most of us really were).

yes I remember.... but dilemma is bad politics is every where and it is running most us.

@ilyastarar bahi winning or loosing dosnt matter it lies in trying i am sure must had tried very hard but at that day i decided not to lose took leap of faith and won ...and i am huge fan of your football skills

Your seniors have seen me more closely. I think I was a better coach than a player. :)
I've coached the folks who coached you and I'm proud of them.

yes i had heard alot from them about your skills :)

Very well versed. Fear is really the biggest enemy of human conscious. The one who overcome conquer whatever he wants.

thanks @iftikharahmad thats really encouraging following you now

One of the most moving things i have read on here. The message your words bring are full of inspiration.

@benjojo thanks for the support :) i will keep writing with your support

is this worth resteeming >?

Yes I think so.

It's well written. Wow - that is a match to remember for you!

yes it is :) thanks for support

Great post !

awsome story.. takes me back over 10 years to my football tournaments. The happy ending is very satisfying and real. If you are determent enough you can turn everything around.

thanks alot :)

Very interesting & Informative story. Upvote

thanks alot :)

GREAT work! . After taking a look at your page, I see a lot of great content. Following and upvoted.PLEASE DO SAME ,SO WE BUILD A GOOD RELATIONSHIP THANKS @abbeymelchizedek

I like this post as a persson who used to suffer panic attacks I can say with no doubt we have to overcome fear to live our dreams

may be if you resteem more people will learn thanks