Most Upsetting NCAA Tournament Ever

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This is by far the most upsetting year in the NCAA Tournament in my lifetime and probably ever. By upsetting I mean there has been the most upsets I have ever seen. My guess is you already knew that because every-bodies brackets are broken and so are everyone's dreams unless of course you a rooting for one of the 5 unexpected teams in the Sweet Sixteen but that doesn't really matter because the heavy damage has already been dealt. 

The South Division Has Screwed Us All 


The South Division, WOW this has been a historic year indeed for the whole bracket but the South Division is what has made this possible. All of the Teams shown in the picture above were eliminated first round except for Cincinnati and Tennessee who were eliminated 2nd Round, and all the teams shown were favorites in there games except for Davidson. But #1 seed Virginia, #2 seed Cincinnati, #3 seed Tennessee, and #4 seed Arizona all were favorites and this bracket region is historic for being the first time none of the top 4 seeded teams in a region could  reach the sweet sixteen. Instead the Region has had a plague of upsets which include the first time a #1 seed Virginia lost to a #16 seed UMBC, #7 Nevada coming back from a 22 point deficit and winning against #2 Cincinnati, #13 Buffalo embarrassing #4 Arizona, and finally #11 Loyola Chicago taking out #6 Miami and #3 Tennessee. As much as I love good underdog teams there were a lot in this part of the bracket which has everyone astounded at the results this far. 

 These are the surprising teams still competing for the National Championship with #5 Kentucky being the highest team left in the South. Some have said that Kentucky has the easiest path to the Final Four but I wouldn't bet money on it because after all that has happened in this years tournament, it just goes to show anything could happen. 

Other Unexpected Upsets


Three  teams who have some of the more remarkable upsets in this tournament are #11 Syracuse, #7 Texas A&M, and #9 Florida State. #11 Syracuse who is a first four in team who beat Arizona State and #6 TCU to get a match-up with #3 Michigan State. Michigan State was one of the favorites to win the whole tourney which is sad because they were replaced by Syracuse who beat the Spartans 55 - 53 to take Sparty out of the equation. #7 Texas A&M has had less trouble getting to the sweet sixteen in the win over defending national champions North Carolina who is a #2 seed. I believe I slightly understated the Aggie's victory,  what I meant to say was Texas A&M Obliterated the former National Champions to the point of massive humiliation which marks the second year in a row a former Nat. Champion didn't make it to the Sweet Sixteen. The Aggies beat the Tarheels by 20 points.  The Last upset I would Like to talk about was #9 Florida States amazing comeback versus #1 Xavier. Florida State was down pretty much for the entire game until there was about 10 minutes left in the 2nd half where the Seminoles outscored Xavier 31-14 stealing the Sweet Sixteen Birth. This is disappointing for Xavier who has a #1 seed for the first time ever and they lose it in their second game of the tournament, its just sad. One more upset I forgot to mention was # 13 Marshall's 81-75 victory over #4 Wichita State in the first round of the tournament giving the herd their first win in the NCAA Tournament in School History, but then they lost in the next round to West Virginia. So here is the not at all predictable Sweet 16 


All of these upsets have not just ruined peoples brackets, they have revolutionized how we will make brackets in the future. That means hit the random button on every bracket because there is no way in hell a human could have predicted all of this. There are two #1 seeds gone in the first 2 rounds, the South is a mess, and too many underdogs are winning. This has been the worst season for bracket predictions in history but one of the most entertaining tournaments I have ever watched and I honestly have no clue who is going to win this thing.


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You have a minor spelling mistake in the following sentence:

One more upset I forgot to mention was # 13 Marshall's 81-75 victory over #4 Wichita State in the first round of the tournament giving the herd their first win in the NCAA Tournament in School History, but then they lost in the next round to West Virginia.
it should be which instead of wich.

I know right, this year has been completely crazy with upsets. I really can't believe the South region, I thought for sure before those top 4 seeds that one of them would be in the Final Four no doubt. Florida State and Texas A&M are massive shockers as well. Its going to be interesting to see what happens, I'm with you, this thing is completely wide-open and unpredictable!

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