Big Changes are Coming to the BRO Sports™ Network!

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BRO Sports™ is expanding into a bigger and better network!

If you’re looking for a fun, risk-free way to get into cryptocurrencies, BROSGN has you covered! Our expansion will include a slight change to our network name and some additions to our content categories that will increase over time, but the spirit of the network will continue and improve!

For today’s big announcement, we are happy to tell you that the website for the new BRO Sports and Gaming Network™ (BROSGN) is now under construction!


In addition to regular sports articles and contests, you will soon be able to participate in new games and contests under the BROSGN brand!

So, at this very moment, you may be asking yourself, “What kind of ‘gaming’ will they be adding?” Well, we have one answer for your inquiring minds right now!

We’re working with a former WSOP dealer and experienced programmer, Will Boyett, to bring you...

BRO Poker!

That’s right – you’ll soon be able to play some of the most popular poker games in the world on you’ll have a chance to earn crypto tokens based on your results! will host daily poker freerolls and sports pick ‘ems so that our users will have plenty of chances to win BRO Tokens™ on-site, which can then be used to enter additional poker games and tournaments, sports contests and fantasy leagues, and purchasing account upgrades! Future plans for BRO Token™ use include at least two additional categories of sports and gaming options for our community to enjoy!

And the best part is...

Our BRO Tokens™ can be redeemed for Steem Blockchain Dollars!

But wait! There’s more! is free to use and its games and contests are free to join! Since no deposits are accepted for gaming and contests, participation should be legal in all jurisdictions!

But wait again! There’s still more! will offer a variety of freemium upgrades and features for players and will have plenty of opportunities for partners, sponsors, affiliates, and advertisers. Our goal is to build a sustainable business model exclusively for cryptocurrencies – and the Steem blockchain will be one of the first official “homes” of BROSGN!

We want to bring more mainstream commerce to the Steem blockchain by providing a site for some of the world’s most popular interactive topics and games. And we plan on accepting and using the Steem currencies for all site purchases and redemptions, from account upgrades and cash-outs to tournament sponsorships and affiliate advertising! When you think of sports, games, crypto, and commerce, we want you to think of the BRO Sports and Gaming Network™!

Tentative Development Timeline

Our team is currently working on setting up databases and coding the poker and sports features. These are our two priorities to be ready when the site is officially launched. We will also be integrating account sign-up via Steemconnect and verification will be conducted through our proprietary vetting process in order to mitigate abuse of account creation and site functions/features.

Here is our projected but tentative timeline for near-term roll-out and feature development:

2018, Q4

  1. Official beta launch for
  2. Steemconnect integration for site sign-up
  3. Sports and poker content, games, and contests
  4. Minimal account upgrade options

2019, Q1

  1. Beta testing for integrated referral system
  2. Beta testing for integrated advertising
  3. User statistics and leaderboards
  4. Account customization and social media sharing
  5. Token withdrawals

2019, Q2 and Beyond

  1. Web design upgrades
  2. Additional content categories, games, and features
  3. Steem account creation options
  4. Community forums
  5. Marketing and affiliate programs
  6. Acceptance of and integration with additional blockchains and cryptocurrencies

To help celebrate the official announcement of the new website development, we are hosting several NFL fantasy football leagues and will host special franchise contests for EA Sports’ Madden series on Xbox! Watch for follow-up announcements from @bro-sports and @bro-gaming!

Stay tuned for updates and additional information about official @brosgn affiliated accounts and projects!

If you would like to support BROSGN, you can vote for witnesses @ats-witness and @guiltyparties. We will have delegation and voting trail options for each category of the BRO network in the coming weeks as the project unfolds. Thank you for any and all support!

In the meantime, be sure to follow @brosgn, @bro-sports, @bro-poker, and @bro-gaming for announcements and updates!

The BRO Sports and Gaming Network™ and is a network and online community spearheaded by @ats-witness and @tuck-fheman. The lead developer for is @internetguy (Will Boyett). BROSGN’s blockchain consulting and integration team is led by @guiltyparties.

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Love it!! :) Sounds awesome I also like the timeline I was thinking maybe 2018 it would be ready but of course something like this takes some time to put together. Looking forward to getting back into poker and seeing what's in store for BROSGN!!

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i just made a small dele for your cause ... if you are open for memberships i'd love to join! xo

What kind of.

good luck, this looks like a great initiative and will get ton of support!

Nice! Can't wait to play some poker on