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An introduction for the home of the BRO Sports™ Network’s contest division.

The BRO Sports™ Network has officially launched its public contest division. This account will serve as the hub for all sports-related contests and giveaways that are sponsored by the @brospn and @ats-witness teams. In our ongoing effort to expand the network, to attract and retain users and followers, and to distribute content and cryptocurrency to both enthusiasts and crypto first-timers alike, we bring to the community the official BRO Sports™ contest account: @brospn-contests.

Contest Information

Our goal is to organize a daily sports or sports-related contest for a fixed amount of Steem Dollars in prizes to be distributed to the winner(s). The sports and the type of contest will vary from day to day and from week to week, and as the network grows, the size of the giveaways will scale with it. There will never be any voting, following, or sharing requirements for participation, but your support is certainly appreciated and will help with growth and visibility.

A portion of funds earned from the daily contests will be used for additional contests throughout the year, such as the Steem Fantasy Football League.

Daily contests will begin on Monday, April 30th, so be sure to follow this account: @brospn-contests.

General Rules for Participation

Each contest may have its own set of rules based on the nature of the sport/contest. Those rules will be detailed in the individual posts. The following are the basic ground rules for participants of all contests held by the @brospn-contests account:

  1. One entry per account. Any user entering more than once or suspected of using multiple accounts for entry may be permanently banned from participating in all future contests.

  2. Participant reputation score must be 40 or higher.

  3. Participant must have a minimum of 40 SP in their Steem wallet.

*These requirements are subject to change.

Sponsored Events

Other than the daily contests, the BRO Sports™ Network may host regular or occasional contests for a variety of sports or sports-related events and may sponsor tournaments and events not directly managed by BRO Sports™. All additional contests and sponsorships will be announced via this account.

Support the BRO Sports™ Network

If you want to support the network and its partners/affiliates, please be sure to follow @brospn and @brospn-contests, follow the @bro-sports trail via SteemAuto, and consider approving @ats-witness and @guiltyparties as Steem witnesses.

If you would like to become an official sponsor or affiliate of the BRO Sports™ Network and/or our contest division, please contact @ats-david on Discord: ats-david [ats-witness]#1997

All support given to BRO Sports™ and its affiliated witnesses and partners will consequently improve the network and will result in better content, development, contests, tournaments, and giveaways. If you’re a sports enthusiast and want to see further development of sports and related projects on the blockchain and its interfaces, join our community today!

BRO Sports™ Network on Discord


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I'm relatively new to steemit (joined January this year), but the older members of our sports betting community are familiar with the contest you've organized in the past and are looking forward to it. Cheers!

(ps- Can't do much in a way of support, but to vote for the @ats-witness and @guiltyparties)

I like the rules to keep al the scammers and double accounts away, looking forward to the contests !

Thanks for the great initiative to grow the Sports community here on Steemit.

This is exciting!

This could be fun.

Cool! I hope, you'll have some MMA related contests!

Looking forward to it!

@brospn-contests, congratulations on making your first post! I gave you a $.05 vote!
Will you give me a follow? I'll follow you back in return!

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Sir I am interested but don't have such amount in my sp wallet

What's my faith