Broncnutz Clowns the KC Chiefs Playoff Loss! **Special Edition**

in sports •  2 years ago 

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Epic loss, I wanted to bet them, thank goodness I got distracted.

The best part was Mariota throwing a touchdown pass to himself. You can’t script that. Classic.

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Hey @broncnutz. There's someone using your videos and i doubt you gave him permission for that. Take a look at
This guy commented on my post of today and checked him out to see if he was worth following. But than I ran into this post where he used a video of you. To me it looks like he does as if it's his.
It's up to you if you want to take action ofcourse, but at least you know about it now. Take care man.

Thank you

You're welcome. It's not really my style to tell on people, except when they "steal" from others. This guy was still a small fish and didn't make much yet. Maybe he will see this as a good (and early) warning and better his life. CU.

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I am very sorry sir, please remove all the flags of my blog, please! I will not do that anymore, please, sir, I'm very poor,! Your video was liked so much so I copied from YouTube and posted it, do not do it again, please remove the flag.

I couldn't wait to see your video. That loss has got to hurt the KC fans heart. Up by 18 and blow it at home. That block by Mariota on the last drive is definitely going to get some high 5's in the film room this week.

QB Mariota throws a touchdown pass to HIMSELF to help the Titans win! I don’t think Elway #7 ever did that! Dumb luck or KC Shooting themselves in the foot?

Mariota killed that block and surly earned a lot of respect.

Mariota catches his own pass for a TD. WTF. Craziest thing I've seen in a while lol

KC was 8.5 point favorites! Gotta hand it to marriota - he made some clutch throws down the stretch and derrick henry sealed the deal.

Im really pumped to see Derrick Henry have such an awesome game, and Im happy the Titans came back and won, but one thing I dont get at all is that forward progress call when Mariota fumbled after being hit. Im not a Chiefs fan at all and am not trying to take anything away from the Titans, but that call seems absurd to me.

Was that the 2pt conversation where KC returned it all the way back? Yeah they may have blew the aisle a little early on that one...

I didnt see the 2 pt conversion (I had dozed off), but that couldve changed the outcome too. The one Im talking about was a regular play. Mariota went back to pass and a KC player blitzed and hit him pretty hard, causing him to fumble. The Chiefs wouldve recovered it and maybe even returned it for a TD but the refs blew it dead and said the fumble didnt count because Mariota's forward progress had been stopped. It was one of the weirdest calls Ive ever seen.

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Preach it brother! :) That intro was great by the way! "This is why you suck!" love it.

Amazing loss. I still can't believe the Titans pulled it off. You were right about their run defense. I thought this was a no-brainer Chiefs victory.

Sounds like they pulled a Charger.

Oh yeah, my friend, your videos are getting more and more like Hollywood betseller and they are becoming more interesting :) As for the game, it was very interesting to listen to your arguments, especially liked about the 50 thousand watt soldering lamp. Thank you @broncnutz

Awesome sir keep it up

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your recordings are getting increasingly like Hollywood betseller and they are winding up all the more fascinating! As for the amusement, it was extremely intriguing to tune in to your contentions, particularly preferred about the 50 thousand watt welding light.

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Excellent video wonderful Production Breaks, Great Story Line and Hollywood style Ending it.

Brother, an advice! The post is NFL (american football) related and you're talking about soccer. Did you even bother to watch the video? If you want to succeed bro, engage with the community, make a quality comment, ask the OP a question about the post, and for God's sake bro, read the posts or watch the videos for real, that is essential, cheers!

wow very cool i like the sport world. 👍

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@broncnutz this is a very wonderful collection, you aren't looking bad on the suit. Good one, thumbs up. I've restemed

very good keep it up

Even though we are rivals I love to see a die hard fan. Baltimore Ravens is my team and we were put out of the playoffs a long time ago. We really sucked this year. If it was up to me they would run around the field until it was football season again! Lol :-)

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excellent broncnutz

Wowww interesting

I called the Titans over Chiefs in Pittsburgh's Blue Collar Podcast on my page. Chiefs always choke. Steelers vs. Falcons Super Bowl.

wonderful video. great job.

100% like and resteem

It's my 2nd favourite game. Nice one you have done this video.. @broncnutz

That's gotta feel good to see a rival fall like that. It was a good game. The Chiefs looked like they were going to run away with it, but the Titans hung in there and made it happen.

I'm a big fan of you. Thanks for sharing us your special edition.

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Nice video, always you with your great passion and your great empathy, greetings from Venezuela friend

Amazing production values here, great story line and best hollywood ending! Unabomber... ha ha! Ouch... down by contact... disappointment all over again! Nice rings Broncs!

Don’t hate me, but I’m not the biggest NFL fan in the world ... HOWEVER, you just made me watch 4 minutes 37 seconds of some entertaining NFL amazingness. Thank you!

Oh! yes that is excellent video. it s great and NFL series then.
(((((( Resteem Service)))))))

Football is my favorite game.I like this very much.Your video is greet and thank for sharing

Wow very good video sir. try to love work. good Luke.
Thanks @broncnutz
Have great day.

I don't think I will ever get tired of Mariotta's TD pass to himself. It truly was epic!

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I gotta believe if Kelce didn't get injured the Chiefs would not have blown their lead. Unfortunstely, i don't see the titans having any chance to be competitive next week where at least the chiefs would have, just my 2 cents.

Thats how the NFL can just never know...

In videos your body language is very awesome, I like it, thanks for your videos and have a nice day

Good video, i love sports

feel bad that loosing play off, but thanks for sharing and keep with up. nezt game cheer for broncnutz.

Haha I love the intro! Go Vikes!

this is it <3 :)

Noooo Man!!!! You're definitely Daaa Mannn!! Looking good on that top suit! The Chiefs are Jinxed!

Freakin hilarious, man. As soon as the game was over, I was telling my wife I just couldn't wait to see @broncnutz's next video. You did not disappoint, hehe. Those poor, poor Chief fans....

I knew they would be one and done. I have to admit it was fun watching them blow it again. It seemed like once Kelce was out they lost some fire. Entertaining as always Bronc Nutz...almost as much as watching those KC fans crying after they thought they won.

this special edition rocked all the videos literally the best ever :D

Hey friend, how much talent in you hahaha, very nice video...

wonderful post..
i like football..
thanks for sharing...

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Again smart videograpy by @broncnutz sir
Wel done and execellent work sir..


I love footbal game and many people like this game .so i following to your post. And watching to your thank you for good information @broncnutz

That game was a microcosm of the Chiefs season. Good start and then choke it away. Story of Andy Reid's career. @broncnutz I think I could hear you laughing your ass off all the way in Pennsylvania when Mariotta caught his own TD pass.

Let's hope next week you can clown on the Patriots.

Broncnutz was setting up this video before it "officially" happened like he knew.... Make room on the couch as the chiefs are watching the super bowl on T.V.....again.

really amazing video you make

I understand this issue ..But actually this post nicely done you...Carry on...

i loved that style you are going professional wow :)

Hmmm...the KFC fans must be feeling down now.

Thanks for sharing this high quality content with us !
Appriciate that

wow the broncnutz is more looking smart man in this black suit and sure we want to watch a live game of you and i m waiting for this @broncnutz

Hahahaha BroncnutzFather. Hilarious.

That’s a nice ring collection - is it all silver 😂😂

Pimpest video I've seen you put out, Broncnutz. Chiefs choked big time!

they chocked harder than expected hahah and your video was icing on the cake

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what a great intro indeed you love the game

The perfect entertainer you are i just keep loving watching your videos :)

That touchdown by Mariota was just too incredible. That was one of the funniest plays I've seen in a long time. Looking forward to more of your playoff videos these next few weeks.

broncnutz ruling the game all over nice editing and work

I am SO HAPPY. Titans beat the Chiefs twice now in two seasons at Arrowhead.

Ah! nice . this is wonderful video sir. and nice look.
Upvote Resteem

Crazy upset. Consider my ass laughed off!

I believe the hornets nest has just been kicked! Well done.

i would give you 200 out of 100 on this hahaha

super game,, super post

the starting was really incredible i didn't expected that haha

this has to top all of your videos i really had fun while watching loved your style

wow super video,, great chef,,, best of luck

LOL funny.

@broncnutz that is a completely first rate collection, you are not looking bad at the suit. exact one, thumbs up. i've restemed

Beautiful Post... awesome sir keep it up!!!!

sir this is really cool to check out today awesome video this can't be any better than this you made my day rocking :)

excellent start of the day while seeing your video first up quite nice and amazing person you are :)

Ah, schadenfreude! Well played, sir. Andy Reid is the worst playoff coach among good regular season coaches ever. Worse than Schottenheimer.

whats a problem sir...?why you are flag me??? any thing rough...??

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I am very sorry sir, please remove all the flags of my blog, please! I will not do that anymore, please, sir, I'm very poor,! Your video was liked so much so I copied from YouTube and posted it, do not do it again, please remove the flag.

I am very sorry sir, please remove all the flags of my blog, please! I will not do that anymore, please, sir, I'm very poor,! Your video was liked so much so I copied from YouTube and posted it, do not do it again, please remove the flag.

wow......lovely video.i like sports.and football is my favarit sports.

you are really too good

You were way so right about their defense ,i thought i was the only one who saw it that way.