The series is possible to win: Miraz

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The West Indies have brought inequality in the one-day series in Guyana in the last over. Today (Saturday) Bangladesh's third and final match in the evening has taken the form of 'Final'. St Kitts' condition is somewhat difficult, but the young all-rounder, Mehdi Hasan Miraz, is confident of winning the series.

Shakib and Mushfiqid have lost in the last over of the Asia Cup final, against the West Indies in the final T20 final against the Nidhaus Trophy final or Afghanistan. Jason Holder made 8 runs in the last over, but Bangladesh had to agree to the rate of 3 runs. Miraz said, "We had a chance to win the series in the second match, but despite the frustration of the trick on the shore, we want to remove it by winning the last match. But we did not. We have another chance tomorrow (Saturday). If we can play well we can win the series.

Somewhat different from Saint Kitts and Nevis, St. Kitts. The field is quite small. In all, the bowlers will have to face this difficult test in the field. Although there is no known condition as Guyana, he thought of watching the wickets of St. Kitts, he said, "We have seen wickets. I think, if everything goes well, then something good will happen. I came here for the first time. But we have some experienced players who came here earlier. So I think we can do something good. "

Miraj said the win would not be lost if the new match was created in the second match. Miraj said, "It is our ability to get out of the circle of error," said Miraj, "We once made a mistake, it was our failure. We talked about ourselves about the matter. However, when such a situation is created, we have the ability to overcome it later.


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