How I made $100 USD by sitting in my couch and You're missing out!!

in sports •  4 months ago
No no, this is not one of those clickbait article like those you see from ads on low rep websites telling you how *there are 100 middle aged women in your neighborhood looking for a date* or how *this single mom made 7,300 USD by completing captchas*.

This post actually has nothing to do with that and I just titled my post like that to clickbait you into checking out my post. I'm sorry, every once in a while I do that, I hope you can forgive me.

But I'm not really sorry SORRY, because I want to share my day with you and, despite it being boring for some people, I'm actually pretty satisfied with how it went.

For the first time in more than a decade I didn't feel tired during the day. It probably has to do with the 7 pills I'm taking but I felt amazing. I was able to wake up at 7 am and right now it's 11 pm and I'm writing a post! And didn't have to take a nap in the middle of the day and I didn't feel like crashing a couch after having lunch.

I recorded 5 videos in Spanish for @steemonboarding, then I got to work on the business plan a little bit more and after that, I had some interesting conversations with some of the dApp founders.

I played ball with my dogs for 1 hour and then took them out for a long long walk, I even took them with me to get next week's groceries

I did some house chores (which I never, ever do) and actually washed all the dishes, tidied up my room and took a shower (inside joke for those who know me in person).

And then, after that, I remembered that this weekend was the NFL wild card games and, since I'm a big fan and I know my football - I even managed a fantasy football team this year - I decided to bet some BTC.

I exchanged via @blocktrades my 140 Steem and got 10mBTC which is roughly 40 dollars in a matter of minutes.

Shameless shill - if you need quick BTC, use and two minutes after you send them Steem, you'll receive BTC in your preferred address

Anyway, this is not betting advice and I highly recommend you don't play with your hard earned Steem the way I did. I did it because I'm good at it, if you want to bet, git gud kid.

I bet 10mBTC in favor of the Colts winning their game against the Texans. The colts were the underdog because they played away; also Deshawn Watson is a great QB and the Texans defense is terrific; apart from that, they have the best WR in the league at the moment (in my opinion): DeAndre Hopkins. But I knew Andrew Luck and company play amazingly good when they are the underdog.


Final score? 21 - 7 for the Colts. That's 20.6 mBTC for me.

Then I decided to bet 20 mBTC in the next game. The Cowboys against Seattle. Now this one was hard for me because my gut was telling me Seattle would win; I mean, we've seen the after 2000 cowboys playoff results and we know they aren't any good. But I hate the Seahawks, not only because they kicked out Green Bay a few years ago with an onside kick even I would be able to catch, but also because I hate Russel Wilson and I despise how Doug Baldwin plays. I also hate Seattle but that's for unrelated football reasons. So I bet against the Seahawks.

Besides, if the cowboys played uncowboyslike, they would definitely win. They have the best defense in terms of turnovers and the Prescott/Zeke duplet is one to fear. So I just had to trust the one star team would do their job.


Who would've thought it, they actually did their job and they won -not without making me suffer in the last minutes - with a final score of 24 - 22.

At 4 pm I had 140 Steem and by the end of the day I ended up with a bit less than 500 Steem. I won $100 bucks by sitting on my couch and making good betting decisions.

So yeah, overall it was a good day for me. I even surpassesd my Actifit record of 5,500 steps. That's a milestone I want to break everyday and keep improving my health!

Another shameless shill. If you are new to @actifit, check out this Post and join the challenge #healthier2019. I will be curating that tag every Sunday!

Hey, to the Mexican IRS, every penny I made today I plan on losing it by betting for the LA Chargers in tomorrow's wild card game, so please don't come get me, I'm broke.

Oh yeah, one last shill. I'm using to bet with crypto in case you are wondering where to lose your money.

Disclaimer: None of the websites/apps mentioned here is paying me to shill them and I get nothing from you using them, I'm that dumb and I shill them without any benefit for myself, I'm just sharing my knowledge with you, fellow steemian and young Padawan.

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Ha so you did make $100 by sitting on your couch and you just wanted to show off :P Using clickbaity titles is unforgivable, my friend. I shall go back to reading this:




OMG, I love that @honeydue! LOL so funny. Even though he wasn't the prettiest elf lol. Legolas, oh Legolas...YUM...
That being said, I love this add and will read it now to find out how I can look 26 when I'm 6500. Then at least, I'll have a few years to practice...

Is it that good you have to make the whole post in bold font? LOL. Cool $100 profit within 3 hours and that's $33/hr passively, not bad at all!


Is it that good you have to make the whole post in bold font?

H1 tag would be even better.


Ah, stop shouting through the whole post haha.

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Oh man you are right, I didn't notice since I posted from my cellphone. I guess it was a markdown mistake but u think it's normal now. I hate "only bold" posts, and I became what I hate :( hahaha


It looks good now, maybe the chilling weekend and unexpected profit are a little bit overwhelming? Great way to start a year anyway!

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Congratulations you are great man thank you so much for sharing your ways with us to helping people how how start earning im one of people will learn from you to reach my goals

I will say that you were lucky to have won your bets, at times the odds will work for your favour . As for me I only bets on soccer matches, I have never heard about before maybe someday i will definately use it for betting @anomadsoul

Hah! I would have read it without the title LOL. I didn't know you were a fellow NFL fan. I LOVE American Football. However, my team never even comes close to the playoffs. They usually do really well during the first 8 games of the season, and then they burn all the way...However, I share this with you: I am quite good at betting for the winners. This is what I took up as a hobby when I lived in Vegas, it seems to be in my blood to choose the winners. I can do it with NFL games and baseball, sometimes even basketball, but that's where it stops. Hate the, I hate the GB packers ;) But the team I hate most of all, with a bloody passion is the NE Patriots...Now, you tell me who my favorite team is :) Tick tock, I'm waiting @anomadsoul...

Everything is ok but why don't u like Wilson and Baldwin? :)

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The games were definitely entertaining! Great start to an active year and would say that the best bet would be to out back your gains from the weekend into Steem!

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That bet on the Chargers turned out to not be such a bad thing! I personally can't stand either the Seahawks or the Cowboys though my distaste for the Cowboys is a bit greater. I probably would have skipped betting on that game altogether. Congrats on your wins though! I will probably hold off betting this year until someone puts a Superbowl board together. That is more my speed!

Ojala la suerte me acompañara como lo hace contigo, wowwww, 500 STEEM! Eso es realmente genial, imaginate poder ganar eso al menos dos veces por semana, yo en particular sería feeeelizzzzz!!!! debo aprender mas de ti, aunque no soy buena en las apuestas, y por eso no me atrevo a jugar steemmonsters no se como hacerlo, aunque veo mucho vicio jiji

Got to have a look at it. Big sports fan and naturally a gambler, but had some very low lows a few years ago due to addiction. Learnt to quit when the fun stops 😉

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That's sure of heck of click bait right there! You had me wondering if there's a twist at the end like tripled your money or something. Am such an opportunist! Haha

Well, that's a shame that those websites don't pay you to add traffic to their sites! At least @partiko is giving a reward for leaving this comment on your blog! 😁

Wait! What pills are you taking?

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jajaja buena tu estrategia de colocar un título tan llamativo

Dang. If I had to pay attention to sports, I do not think my brain could handle it...

LA Chargers - never a good bet since they broke the heart of SD :)

EDCO San Diego Chargers.jpg

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I've been looking for a new sports betting place I'll check this out thanks!

Your day explained how a success driven person should take risk rather than plan alone

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All this stuff seems to be a bit difficult for me:) I'm not good at betting.

I wonder what pills you are taking 😉

By the way, thank you for the upvote. I think it's the biggest one I've ever had :)

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