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I promised @leedsunited I would do a post and donate all the sports rewards for this great cause. I am glad he bought it to our attention as this is the kind of charity I would look to support normally. Kids and drawing utensils so they can carry on learning and having fun at the same time.


I think it is a bit like sports as most team sports are enjoyed by kids who are playing with other kids who will become life long friends. I think this was the reason why I first started playing as you want to do something with your friends.

You are creating life long bonds and you don't even know it. The funny thing is some of the people you play with you will never see again, but others appear in and out of your life forever. This is special when it happens as even though you have not stayed in contact the world is a smaller place today and the unexpected does happen.

I have met old team mates on the plane traveling somewhere or in another business that I was working with. Those meetings are special as it is a quick catch up to what everyone has been doing and it is as though you were playing together just yesterday.

Some of my best sporting memories are with my team mates and this is a bond that cannot be broken. It could stretch back to school days and for me that is a long stretch and over 30 years now.I don't do Facebook as I think it is piffal and that is not me.

I went to a school reunion about 3 years ago now and hadn't seen most of the guys since over 30 years ago and it was weird seeing how much they had aged but they hadn't changed much in my thinking.The memories you have still see them as they were all those years ago.


Only a pleasure. Lets hope it brings in enough to add to the kitty otherwise I will have to do a top up lol.

Thanks again to both of you !

Thank you @nathen007 for leading me to @cryptoandcoffee 's post. I would like to thank both of you for supporting @creativestreet's advocacy :) You're so kind.

And also great post ! I love to read articles about friendship and games too!

Thanks for doing this. There aren't many causes I will give to and I like this one especially.

I thought so too and couldn't resist.

That is really interesting and looks like a really great initiative to support. I know first hand how important it is to get the proper supplies into the hands of students. There are many times that we have to spend our own money as educators to make sure that our students have everything they need.

Good work...Keep going...I am going to resteem your post right now.

This is really lovely thanks for doing this

This indeed a great initiative, my vote isn't worth much, so i would be sending 1000 sports to this cause.

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Thank you for the opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause.

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