Soccer What do you think? Should Philippe Coutinho be given a Champions league medal

in sport •  9 months ago

Philippe Coutinho left Anfield for the Nouakchott Camp in the January transfer window. He had scored 5 goals in the first stage of the UEFA competition for Liverpool.

With Liverpool winning both legs of the quarter against Manchester City with an astonishing 5- 1 aggregate. They are through to the semi-final and if everything goes well Coutinho might just get a Medal .

With the restrictions by UEFA he was unable to play for Barcelona. In their quarter final lose again Roma. Hence, he could still be able to receive a medal if Liverpool wins the final. After all said and done the Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp would have to decide. The winning team gets 40 medals to share among the team.

I would think it would be wrong to award a player that no longer serves the team with a medal. He Coutinho also knew if he left Liverpool he would play no part in the UEFA championship. If I were a player I would refuse the medal. I would rather believe that I would be able to get one with my new team, in the future. If he does except it, I would not hold anything against him. He might feel he did his part in helping Liverpool.

I would like to know what your feelings are ?.

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I don't think he should receive a medal and I think it's unlikely that Coutinho would really want to receive one either, it just wouldnt be worth the same and I would feel awkward in his position.

Ultimately I think he was wrong to push for a transfer that bad, he was playing for a team that has a world-class coach, world-class fans, richest league in the world, challenging league and a chance to become a true legend for Liverpool. At Barcelona he will win some domestic titles but never work with the same kind of coach or ever become as an important a player for Barcelona.


Many players change teams and never get the same status or play at their same potential as they did for their old team. One player come to mind Bale.I
I would also think he would refuse the medal but you never know.


You're right, and they missed the opportunity to become a leading legend for the clubs they departed. How many more goals could Bale have scored for Tottenham? Maybe lead the Spurs to actual trophies?

Voted this one as well . Thank you!