How many sports are there in the world

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We at SportsPodium are passionate about ALL sport. We understand that fans have their particular favourite, but it is truly amazing how many sports there are. Some may be practiced only in a village in Tibet or Sweden, but they are a sport. Many are practiced by small groups of people that compete internationally. For instance Lumberjacking .... they have a world championship!

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By any reckoning there is more than 8000 sports in the world. Thats right, 8000. And there would be very many variations of these not even counted.

It thus shows us that while the Olympics is the pinnacle of sport for most, with only 28 sports it is a very small part of the sporting world. 5 is due to be added in 2020. The winter Olympics includes 11 Sports. In total that is only 44 sports!

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There is roughly 200 sports that has international recognition through an international governing body of some sort, also a small part of the estimated 8000 sports played world wide. Some of these combine a few sporting codes but essentially there are many sports in the world that is known out of the one or two regions or countries they are played in.

For us @sportpodium these are important stats. We are a multi sport platform that intend to gather information about ALL sports and give recognition for all sports. We intend to create a single library of all sporting code, participation and results. Besides the 40 odd Olympic sports many of these could have wide appeal. Through our token, called a POD we can help some of these organise and publicise. That is very exciting for us.

If you play any little known sport talk to us. Perhaps you can guest write and article for us on that sport? SportsPodium intends to have at least one Ambassador per sport. Perhaps you know a person that is the top of one of these unknown sports? Put us in touch.

Money will always flow to where the attention of the masses are, such as Football, Basketball and Cricket. But all sport is fun, and as long as some play it deserves some recognition.


Check out @cricketnews he is writing some good material to cover the India vs Australia series right now.

I'm not a big sports fan, but I love it when they "slam dunk." That's sexy.

If you need someone to write on Cricket, you know where to find me! :) If not better than Osman Samiuddin on cricinfo, I can certainly be somewhere close to that caliber. Have played street cricket since my early childhood, followed by club cricket for a while during my A-levels. Ever since, I have been watching and following all international cricket, happening anywhere anytime.

We breathe cricket here in Pakistan... and that is not even exaggeration! :)


I appreciate your passion for cricket @zaidi!

Thank you! One of the many reasons I feel proud to be a citizen of this country! :)

I was About To Comment then I saw that You Already Have Commented...

Haha.. No worries bro.. may be we can both write something about this beautiful game! :)

We are definitely also passionate about cricket and I played a little in school and club. Often play in the backyard with my kids and they too love it. Pakistan is one of the top cricket nations and I love to see them back playing at home. Cricket is one of the sports we would want to lead with, and we are talking to some top players at this time to become and Ambassador or one of the friends for the sporting code. Watch this space as you would be very excited with whom we are bringing on board. It may still take a month or two, though so be patient.

Oh wow.. I'm already excited about it (with patience, yes!).

Whenever the guest article is needed for cricket, do let me know and I would certainly love to write about this sport.

Hi dear! Its really hot information from your side .. No doubt, sports are good for health. you r appreciated to share this post. well done!

This post is Informative. Thanks for sharing :)

This just shows how wonderful we all are, that we can create so many different things to enjoy our time on this earth.

You are so right

Well how sporting! I love sports!!!

I'm not a big sports fan, but I love it when they "slam dunk." That's sexy.

Thank you @sportspodium for the informative post.. i recommend to all may friend to upvoted your post ...

Thank you very much

i wish you could see my Ghanaian National Football Team in action.

I have seen Ghana play against South Africa. They are called the black stars right? One of the top African sides

yes!! thats right. The super team @sportspodium

Do things like bull-fighting count? I find that intriguing and some cultures have it. Great post!

It does. Large following in places like Spain still. Thanks.

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