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  • Before closing the market, Real Madrid will renew any new contract and provide the sum of 300 million euros until the moment of Neymar.
    Marca A week and a day on the closing of the transfer market and so far Real Madrid management is still firm in its decision as there will be no player coming in the way.
    Marca Since the end of the World Cup, Real Madrid has received many different offers from players' agents, although it has not shown much interest in most of them.

Marca Hazard was one of the most impressive players, but the 120 million euros that Chelsea put for the Belgians stopped any interest in his inclusion.

Marca There was a similar situation with Harry Kane, who has a price of 200 million euros, but the Real Madrid administration sees this as a huge sum for any player except Neymar.

Marca Mauro Icardi was also one of the strikers who were introduced to the Real Madrid administration but the environment surrounding him stopped any possibility of negotiations.

Marca Lefandowski had a choice that was analyzed in detail but his 30-year-old and Bayern Munich refused to stop everything despite the player's desire to wear the white shirt.

Marca While that happens, Real Madrid still saves € 300 million for Neymar or for a player who may break the market in a few months, which is unlikely.

Marca Next week the EU can announce a penalty for Paris St Germain but in any case will include what happened in the past two seasons.

Marca The penalty is likely to force Paris St Germain to change some of their policy decisions only, but will not deal with Neymar's transaction numbers or Mbabi's loan.

Marca The penalty will also include looking at fictional contracts for sponsors and payments from Qatar Bank, but until the penalty is announced, Real will wait for his chance and show confidence in the current team.


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Real Madrid will not pay all this money to bring any player even if Neymar

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Wonderful topic brother and useful information thank you.

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