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DlWVgX3X4AA_erI.jpgAss | Real Madrid expect UEFA's clean financial playdog to announce today the penalty for Paris Saint-Germain.
Ass | The penalty could force Paris St Germain to sell one of its stars (Mbabi or Neymar) to cut its debt by 250 million euros or otherwise be excluded from the Champions League this season.
Ass | The Liga Association, headed by Javier Tepas, has asked the European Union to audit Paris St Germain but sources close to the association have confirmed that the CFFC may be forced to impose a fine only.
Ass | The Clean Financial Play Committee has until the end of the month to issue a judgment but can be issued today and just 48 hours before the end of Mbabi loan, which may prevent Paris from activating the purchase option 180 million euros.
Ass | Real are still interested in the situation but it is clear that Florentino Perez does not want to break ties with Paris St Germain and will only sign with Mbabbi only if the Parisian club has to give up.


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Real Madrid will not pay all this money to bring any player even if mbabi

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