Golden Knights

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With the first professional Vegas team wrapping up their season, fans could not be happier, but the Casinos are in a tough spot. The Las Vegas Golden Knights were a expansion team, and started at the year with the prediction on being in dead last. No team has ever been better than .500 in their first year in the league, but the Knights hold a 1-0 lead in the Stanley cup. washington-vegas-cup.jpg

Vegas's problem, they started the odds out at 500 to 1, granted when people started taking it, the odds went down, but to 200 to 1. Vegas is expected to lose millions if the Knights win, regardless of them being the home town. Also states should look at this before they start opening sports betting to collect more taxes, it is not a set profit margin, as state lotto is. They could lose money, and for that reason I would like my government to stay out of it. But on the other note, I have a friend who put down 20 with 500 to 1 and he has been a emotional wreck lately.

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It's insane how good they are in their first season. It's really been a combination of a smart GM and an expansion team with a large bank account.

But, MY GOD! 500-1!?!?

That's an insane ROI, I don't care how much research you do on coins and everything but unless you bought BTC in 2011 and have extreme HODLing skills, you will not see an ROI as good as that. Not to mention thats a 500-1 ROI within 9 months.

I know someone who bought BTC in 2011 for $30. And they are not up 500-1.


Ya, I could not believe it, but ya he will make 10 grand on the bet. Not bad, and you think that odds maker has a job still.

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These are the cheesiest guys I've ever seen. Still more entertaining than Infinity War.!! Go knights!

I do not think that this is a good situation

We are in unprecedented territory here with the success of the Golden Knights. There has been a lot of people wanting to add an asterisk to their season. The expansion rules changed prior to the Las Vegas being awarded a team. They had access to a better selection of players in the expansion draft than any team in history. Also, they entered the league alone whereas most often in the past two teams would enter the league at the same time. Some people feel that this has given them an advantage that no expansion team has ever had before. I can see that but I would have never predicted that this was possible. This team has been managed and coached incredibly well. It will be a historical moment f they hoist the Stanley Cup but there is still a lot of hockey to play and The Capitals are a tough team.

They are named the Vegas Golden Knights not Las Vegas. Just the second expansion NHL team to make it to the Stanley Cup Final. They play a fast game, have great goaltending, are almost always in the right position and don't mind hitting. A great combination for success. They chose a group of players that excel as a team. Their coach is fantastic!

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